Are The Dollar Tree Stackable Planters Worth It? My Thoughts After Growing In Them For 2 Years

Are The Dollar Tree Stackable Planters Worth It? My Thoughts After Growing In Them For 2 Years We are excited to be an affiliate …


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  1. I’ve been to like 4 dollar trees and none of them carry these stackables. I even tried to buy them from dollar tree online and they won’t sell them online. Just in the store.

  2. I would like to try stacking different mint plants to about 3 or 4 layers! Even strawberries! Think they would look great! Was surprised they lasted so long!

  3. There is one called Mr Stacky and there are places selling each piece for $19.99 and places selling six pieces for varying prices. I brought six of them from Dollar Tree when they were a $1 and just planted some strawberries that I grew from seed. Tfs

  4. Keep an eye on Aldi they had the same idea but larger, about 1 gallon per section/ 3 gallons per layer so they are sturdier and dry less. Not sure if they will bring it again this fall and the price after inflation, still it'll be cheaper than green stalks.

  5. I drilled hole and pounded coated rebar in the middle of the stackable. Where it sits sun hits all around so I don't rotate
    I can move it easily the pole not deep, just adds sturdy to it

  6. I have Greenstalks (6 now, with more on the way) and these stackables. I have grown indoor plants and small trees before, so I had a bunch of solid sturdy rolling pot holders and always grab them at yardsales and such places for cheap. I use these now under my stackables. My Greenstalks are always purchased with the rolling bases. My Greenstalks are best for the larger plants, or root crops because of the deeper pockets, but the stackable planters work well for shallower-rooted plants, lettuces, many ornamentals, and most annuals. Each type of planter has its best uses and its deficits, but you sure can save money and still get a garden to be proud of.

  7. I think you could grow a fantastic crop of okra since its so hot there. I haven't been able to grow okra successfully here yet since it is not hot enough here consistently. I live in the SF bay area. I'm going to try again this year and put them in a little green house.

  8. I bought the dollar tree planters 2 years ago. I only used 6 of them. I stacked them too high and they blew over and one busted. I did get some herbs in mine. Plan to use them this year but smaller stacks.

  9. Greetings. I live in Rhode Island and planting season is coming up. I bought 6 of these and I think I am going to drill holes in the bottom of each pot for drainage. I love picking fresh stuff !!! I plan on doing some lettuce. What is better than picking your lettuce and then going in the house and making a FRESH SALAD ???? And tomatoes …. the little baby ones ….. will be doing YT videos and sharing. Thank you for posting …..

  10. I just got mine this year, so I’m looking forward to planting in them. My Dollar Tree didn’t have them, but I ordered them online and now have a whole case to have fun growing in. I’m so glad to hear that they’ve held up well for two years in the Arizona sun. I’m going to rewatch your videos to get some ideas on what to plant in them.

  11. I love what you are doing but, I have to say, not all DollarTree stores carry the merchandise you have recommend. The stores by me have never carried the stackable pots. I had to order a case of them (luckily before the price increase) just to get started. I really didn’t want 36 of them but, oh well! I can’t wait to get them planted!

  12. I have started plants that I want to place in mine this year. This will be my first time using them since I bought them two years ago. I was one of those who ran out and bought them after seeing yours. Lol ❤️

  13. I have a true love hate relationship for these $1 tree stackables! They are great but I absolutely hate having to water them every single day & sometimes twice a day, In this Florida heat!!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤣🤣
    if i go out of town they are so dried out it's ridiculous 🙄 they are the only thing in my garden that runs my water bill up 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂😂😂

  14. I grew strawberries in them last year and only went 4 high and will say with big wind storms last year they never got knocked over while all my other pots where knocked over so I can at least say 4 high is safe from my experience

  15. The fact that they’re $1.25 and you’ve had them several years in this AZ sun ☀️ is amazing. I’ve never been lucky enough to score some. Always out when I finally get into Dollar Tree. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  16. I would definitely suggest E-6000 glue for anything outside and hot. I'm in Southeast Louisiana and this glue is heat/cold proof, and non-toxic once it's dry. The fumes are the bad part, but it works!

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