Guyana News Source 4th April 2022

Guyana News Source 4th April 2022.


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  1. Numbers sound IMPRESSIVE till Benefits fail to appear. Make sure Govt keep ONE Set of Books – Two Books happen more often than imagined. So Who is Ali going to Lead Guyana in Prayer to? Most of what PPP's done since being Installed:- Ethnic Cleansing, Sexual Deviance in Parliament, Circumventing Constitution to Facilitate Govt Criminality, Country is wracked with Murders, Alcohol Abuse & consumption of Illegal Drugs, in fact GODLESSNESS after Godlessness. GOD is about LIFESTYLE. Sinning daily then Posturing one day for appearances is Satan's domain.

  2. EXXON should at least donate a hospital ship to the beautiful people of guyana. This will assist people on the riverside who need medical attention. it may double as a search and rescue and save Guyanese sailors from drowning.

  3. Please, someone else for top Cop this choice is controversial. After what happened at Linden?

    CANU you'll impress us citizens when you go after the big fish then we know you're working

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