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  1. When I was a teenager, I trained 4 Seeing Eye dogs in 4H. 2 were GSD and 2 were Yellow Labs. You keep them a year and teach them the basics. The GSD's seemed to be a little quicker to pick things up, but what does a kid know!

  2. Hi, I've been creeping around your channel the last two days and have fallen down the Peter Caine rabbit hole and binging on a variety of your videos. It started with our shared sentiment regarding Russian propaganda channels that brought me here, but after exploring your playlists, I'm fascinated with the man, the accomplished artist, the dog trainer, bird tamer, and the outspoken, unfiltered, great communicator. You seemed to be in a mellow mood in this stream so I figured it may be a safe time for me to comment without fear of a public whipping for having one of those nondescripts names you dislike so much. Until you block me , I'm happy I'm here.

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