WATCH: Save America Rally Crowd In Washington Township, Michigan Erupts With “TRUMP WON!” Chant


President Trump took the stage at 7 pm on Saturday to deliver remarks at the Save America rally in Washington Township, Michigan.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the President’s live speech and the enormous crowd that needed extra police from all across the state.

LIVE-STREAM VIDEO: President Trump To Deliver Remarks in Washington Township, Michigan At 7 PM ET – THOUSANDS Turn Out To See America First President

Michigan’s 2020 Presidential Election was stolen from Donald Trump, and the people of Michigan miss their President.

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President Trump came out swinging earlier, immediately highlighting the “Rigged and Stolen” 2o2o Election and the disastrous state of our Union.

Upon mentioning the fraudulent 2020 Election again, Michiganders interrupted the President and began chanting, “Trump won!”

Trump: He’s begging and pleading with Iran to reenter the disastrous nuclear deal that I terminated. That was a great termination. We would have had a deal had the election been different. By the way, we had some great election, and you people delivered. Unfortunately, the vote counters didn’t deliver.


Trump: We did win. We did win. And you know, if we didn’t I’d be the first one to stand up and say we didn’t but we won by a lot, not just a little bit. We won by a lot.

*Crowd roars*

President Trump is the most popular President in American History, and it shows.


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