Tom CHANGED his mind about NIKOLA?| Justin HATES Bagels? | MONEY TALKS | Ep 28

Episode 28 where we talk about… 0:00 Intro 1:06 Hot Takes 5:38 Nikola 14:13 Oil in Rubles 19:39 End of Globalization MORE OF …


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  1. An onion bagel with chive and garlic cream cheese is so good. Add bacon and egg to that puppy and omfg🤣🤣🤣

  2. I love Tom Nash. But he is totally off on his views about Battery and Fuel cell Semis. First of all 80% of Semi traffic can be covered by 300 mile range Semis. Besides longer routes can be easily handled by mega chargers that Tesla is planning. And hydrogen semis will never be competitive.

  3. This show has the potential to become the most popular finance show on YouTube. the Justin and Tom debate is priceless, this show would not be what it is with other random people. You have opposite personalities clashing for fun and friends at the end. Wow what an amazing well rounded show. I can’t miss an episode!

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