Delta-8 THC is illegal, Texas Department of State Health Services says

The state of Texas now says a substance in the same family as marijuana called Delta-8 is illegal to use or sell. This comes as a …


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  1. oh really and im guessing the sugar and salt and big pharma with the covid 19 vaccines are totally within the legal standard's how Meany people gotten sick and died due to side effects and consumption of innocent ingidents in EVERY GOD DAMN PROUCT KNOWN TO MAN hmmm besides water and im beginning to think thats crap too

  2. Vote out Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Gov. Greg Abbott. They are the biggest oppositions to full legalization.

  3. I see that why they ban it, but they need to give time for these business to get rid of products before making it illegal. Give them a 3-6 months to let them sell it.

  4. Why is the executive branch making laws when that balance of power is supposed to be controlled by the legislator I don't know their constitution but probably can't back them when clearly all you have to do to change it is scribble some chicken scratch on some website

  5. Delta 8 was the ONLY legal substance that REALLY treated my asthma well (in edible form of course) I could actually breathe and my airways were opened.

    Now I'm left with asthma meds that do not help as much as they should. I have been put on so many different things to address my breathing difficulties, but none of them help like Delta 8.

    Seriously why? Why can't I treat my own asthma? I thought Texas was about freedom?

    This doesn't diminish any demand for cannabis… CONGRATS to Texan politicians! Now I cannot live a normal life. Thanks.

  6. Wow how backwards can Texas get. I hope Florida doesn’t do the same or they will put tons of shops out of business 🤦🏻‍♂️

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