Why Indian Government Will Legalise Weed SOON

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  1. I know why banned 🚫 weed
    * Pressure from American govt.
    *For using Americans synthetic medecines
    *To f*ck the GDP
    *To destroy helth,welth, happiness,well bieng , old traditions and lot more😠

  2. It's in our culture. Weed isn't a bad thing. It's just everything is bad if overused. Evn oil too much leads to cholesterol and heart attack.
    If Cigarettes aren't banned, weed shouldn't. Weed isn't at all bad in its own way.
    Can't evn compare with cigarettes, but ban cigarettes first. They do hell to the human body, weed does wonders.

  3. Thing is, even if they do legalise it, it will obviously be for medicinal purposes and not recreational. But in my opinion, that wouldn't solve the problem. The Black market would still be the king of the market when it comes to recreational marijuana. So, I don't think that would solve the problem. I mean if you legalise it, just legalise it completely. Even then the black market would be operating. But then the further step should be to stop the black market. And in time, the black market for alcohol and weed would become the same in terms of scale. But yeah, again, if you think legalise it, legalise it completely. Make it available for the medical industry as well as the common man. Make it available the same way alcohol is available to everyone on all legal states. Put the same restrictions or the same type of restrictions on weed that you have on alcohol. If you suspect people of smoking up in public areas, then ban smoking cigarettes outside in the entire country just like Bangalore and Delhi. Because I think if it's made legal only for medicinal purposes and still is criminalised for recreational, there'll be riots, fights, violence, for sure. And why do I feel should be legal? Because the country who made it illegal in the first place, is now enjoying the high. And we're still stuck!

  4. The drug intake comes down because they have a strong income unfortunately unlike ours 😔
    Similar to American heroin addicts back in '69 Vietnam.
    Everyone thought there will be these heroin zombies back in states but then the military people stopped taking it .
    The reason was quite obvious: happiness and lack of lonliness and war

  5. Seriously a business man who wants to mint the money out of marijuana and not understand the power of the plant as whole. Free the plant, not control it. People like this is why it's all a business. Good effort ranveer.

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