The EASIEST Way To Make THC Lean (Cannabis Syrup)

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  1. Nice way to infuse with tincture can i recommend you try this recipe if you dont have tincture agavie nectar + coconut oil +food colouring + flavour infuse by simmering on a pot the putting in jar to settle then its good for use

  2. I highly recommend that you like to get high like I like to get high you get up on some ginseng because no matter how stoned you get ginseng will defeat the lazy aspect of weed and you will be able to get stuff done

  3. Thank you so much for the info and ideas bro. I have come up wit soooo much bcuz I watched your videos and bought da magic butter machine. I have many ideas.. love to share wit you. Thanks again

  4. Best way is to make THC syrup is to use De-carbed extracts, Cane Syrup, colouring and flavourings.. that’s it, mix/melt all that together and bam, got some POOKKKEEYYY EASY THC LEAN

  5. Ima make thc lean one day haha. Ima use my own oil. Making real lean seems easier lol. I make odsmt lean and it works but so so unhealthy. Gonna try out thc lean fs fs. Love my weed.

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