"A Night of Prophecy & Time Travel" ft. Rob 3/17/22

Send a Super Chat ON-AIR: A rainy St. Patrick’s Day in New York and Rob is …


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  1. Art Bell host of Coast to Coast died twice. I copied a Wiki article that stated he died, When he came back to life, the Wiki article was gone that stated he died.

  2. I was in 2nd grade during Challenger. Teacher had made a big fuss for a month about it before. I remember walking in that morning and everyone already crying cause it was already over (mountain time zone). I didn't think much of it cause I thought "Well, it was strapped to a rocket." And I didn't think much of it cause I was wanted whatever else the school day had in store 🤷‍♂️

  3. After working an 8 hour day and trying to grow good food and tend animals..rather do that with light. I am trying to work and farm. Waking up to a dark morning is nothing odd to me

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