ASMR "Shh" "It's Okay" Gentle Affirmations + Hand Movements for Sleep & Relaxation

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  1. Hi guys i haven’t done the time stamps but I got the next best thing .. facts

    •Babies are born without kneecaps they don’t appear until they reach 2-6 years old

    •Cuba is the only Island in the Caribbean to have a rail road

    •The inventor of the microwave only received $2 for his discovery

    •Tyson fury was born premature weighting 1lb

    •It is illegal to chew gum in Singapore and importing or selling can lead to jail time

    •dogs and cats like humans are either right or left handed

    •the 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles represents the number of varieties of pickles the company once had

    •cats spend 70% of their life asleep

    That’s all for tonight guys


  2. I don't like promoting things on other peoples videos but I really need help. My name is Julia and I am 21 years old. I've been in inpatient treatment from December 2021 to January 2022 bc of my depression and anorexia. In Germany we have to pay 10€ abidance per day which ended in a sum of 300€ in total – so 30 days. But because of financial difficulties I cannot pay this bill on my own so I started a Gofundme. If you are able and willing to help I would appreciate even the smallest donation!
    Send me a reply if you are interested in helping 🥺💜

  3. I’ve been very stressed for multiple reasons for the past couple nights. After I explain myself, you’ll understand why.

    About a month ago, I joined the basketball team at my school, this is the first sport I’ve ever played in an actual team. I’ve always been a nervous kid and have had exclusive anxiety for about 4 years now. Idk why I decided to choose basetball of all sports teams to be on, mostly bc I’m mediocre at the majority of sorts, and if I’m not at one or two sorts, it’s bc I suck absolute floor dust at that sport.

    My school, although being extremely amazing, supportive and mostly happy feelings, is VERY competitive. The coaches of this years basketball team are the French teacher, the kindergarten teacher, and sometimes our literature teacher comes in, just bc she’s our schools ‘cheerleader’. All these coaches are great out together, but apart, they’re terrifying in their own odd and surprising ways, I’m not going to explain btw.

    Onto more of my anxiety 😀

    I’ve been having a lot of odd pop ups in my friendships for the past 2 months and it’s really scaring me bc I don’t have very many friends and I would hate to lose any just bc ‘I lost interest’. Idk.

    Yk when people say that sometimes your parents are the reason for your anxiety and that’s why I can’t get rid of it bc ur a kid? We’ll yeah. My mom HATES being told that she’s wrong, or getting any sort of help or correction unless it is absolutely needed for function, she won’t even take help if it’s just to make her life easier, u less she figures that thing out herself. Ik that doesn’t sound like a huge problem, but it goes deeper than that and bc anyone can read this, I’m not going to get into that. There’s also a lot more that I can’t say, but I will say that the hate I have for her bc of how much ik she’s troubling me, I don’t even call her my mom anymore, I refer to her as ‘her’. U could probably tell that. I’m sry. It’s gotten so bad that she doesn’t believe she’s ever wrong, that she wants to send me to therapy just so they can teach me that I’m wrong and I’ll have to only follow her way, which isn’t true, I don’t want to go to therapy tho. If I get into my feelings too much, they never stops spilling, I would be a puddle of anger, sadness, nervousness, confusion, and odd sparks of happiness, which is a very bad type of person. The thing is that my parents both grew up in completely broken households, I won’t get into them bc of the internet, but a lot of parents weren’t around at all.

    I came out of the closet a week and 2 days ago as of right now. I feel so free. But I never want to talk to my parents about it ever again. Which is good. It doesn’t need to be an abnormal topic to bring up. If I say anyone is my partner and bring them home, my parents will be able to be prepared for that. That’s probably the only reason I came out either than the fact that I felt I was being pushed down my the weight of an elephant.

    There’s a lot of good things happening in my life tho, so don’t be too worried, I’m not too broken to function, I’m really trying and pushing through, I’ve been doing that and always being happy and cheering even tho I’m not for the past forever of my life.

    I love you so much frivvi. U have no idea. Thank you for the amazing 2 years so far.❤️

  4. I found this channel on jubille when she was doing stuff with other asmrtist and i went to her account and i have been here since the start of 2021 and ive been loving it

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