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Retin A can be so expensive and at times simply not affordable al all. Affordable Retin A is not impossible and in this video I share …


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  1. Of COURSE you can wear that jacket! It's so nice. I would have the shoulder pads taken out, and perhaps fiddle with the bottom–but all-in-all, it's very wearable! You could wear it with Navy Blue slacks or a skirt–or white slacks in May or June…maybe a pink top under it. I like it! Thanks for the tips for overseas ordering, too. I have not used Retin-A yet, but will ask my dermatologist about it when I see her again. Take care!

  2. I only listen to dermatologists. The best advice one gave me years ago was Retin A and sunblock. Just a thought, perhaps your red eye is a corneal abrasion from a scrub particle being flushed into your eye? Many people don’t realize eye doctors advise against them for this reason.

  3. Good review of your Retin-A source. That's a beautiful denim jacket and I don't think denim ever goes out of style. I also don't think it's age restrictive. Hope all is well. (I assume your red eye is part of your dry eye problem. Hope it's getting better.)

  4. Kardashian Butt…that cracked me up! Oh my shoulder pads.. takes me back too! I bet you’ll be glad to get the surgery done.. grateful you caught it so early🙏🏻. I bought my last few tubes of Retin A.05% from Reliable RX.. it looks just like yours. I’m so thankful for it because of the cost savings. I’m going on 5 years and I give credit to the Retin A for my skin looking better now than I did when I started. Your skin looks amazing. TFS! 🥰🥰🥰

  5. Love the jacket & that pic of you & Jay!! I have a separate checking account for my online purchases, a small sense of security. Love your common sense approach!! Blessings.

  6. That is such a good idea to have a separate checking account. So if for some reason some something goes awry, then you know which area it's happening in and which checking account. You are SOOOOOO right about talking to your dermatologist! I think that is the best advice ever. I loved this Monika and sending you lots of love. xxx, Melissa

  7. Good Morning Moni, so well said, I too follow what my dermatologist tells me and I have been using Retin A since I was 40 and I have no intention of turning back! I just LOVE your jacket and that picture of you and Jay was priceless. Happy Monday! Love ya! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

  8. I agree Monika. We need to go our own dermatologist because they know our skin. My son goes to Mexico once or twice a year and he gets my retin a. It’s much cheaper and it’s from Johnson and Johnson. Your jacket may come back in style!! Take care and God bless!❤️

  9. I love that Jacket!! So pretty! and I love your hairstyle! I use the 0.05 (I think thats right) and use it about 2 times a week and use Noomi retinal the other days.. so far so good.. I really enjoyed hearing your story and where you get yours. Have a great week my friend xo

  10. It’s crazy how expensive Retin-a is here in the states . I’m Portuguese and when I go to Portugal to visit family I can get it over the counter at a Pharmacy for $6.00 so I always pick up 3/4

  11. Hi Monika, I love that jacket! It looks fantastic on you so I hope you wear it often because you can really rock it. I use Retin-A, get it at the compounding pharmacy. I am like you I do with my dermatologist And aesthetician tells me to do with my skin. I won’t even try anything on my face without having them look at the product look at the ingredients and give me the OK. Because I never did skin care until I was 68 I figure I only have one shot to get it right so I want to professional checking everything. Much love, Sheila

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