Finally, Some Low THCa BANANA MAC I Can Enjoy! WNC BMac & Bordeaux CBD Hemp Flower Review

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  1. Thanks for the review man. I feel like I have a super low thc tolerance as well. For me the high thca banana mac tastes and smells beautiful, smokes and cashes out smooth like real weed. Has nice hybrid heady/body effects. Thca Bordeaux smells and tastes great, fruity. The effects are the strongest out of the three I'm mentioning, sends me to the moon and back lol. Definitely has some sativa in it. Just tried the Cannatonic #3, and it is not necessarily the weakest of the three, but has super manageable and enjoyable heady/hybrid effects, with a citrusy and touch of remedy tastes you may enjoy this one the most out of these three Shabazz. All these have noticeably different pleasant flavours and effects. I'm a little disappointed in the terp profiles you described on these low thc counterparts. Sounds like how you said, may have watered it down with something to lower the numbers.

  2. I tried the Catatonic from Flow Gardens and I did not like the feeling it gave me at all. I wasn't expecting it, it felt like I was in 3rd person and disconnected from my body and it lasted like 2 hours.
    Can you do like a definitions and expected effects guide video or something to help new people know what to expect? I get lost in all the acronyms and what they do.

  3. I gotta urge you to try the Bordeaux from top cola! It’s fantastic and low thca.
    Would love to honestly see a full haul from top cola, the sampler pack of all their strains! As always awesome review, loving the banana Mac, love seeing new videos from you!

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