‘SNL’ star Pete Davidson will be on Blue Origin’s next spaceflight

next crewed spaceflight is scheduled for March 23rd and, , Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson will be one of the passengers. It will be New Shepard’s fourth flight with humans on board and its 20th overall.

The include SpaceKids Global founder Sharon Hagle and her husband, Marc Hagle, CEO of real estate developer Tricor International. Angel investor and former Party America CEO Marty Allen, University of North Carolina professor Jim Kitchen and Commercial Space Technologies president Dr. George Nield are also taking the trip.

All of Blue Origin’s previous crewed flights had a familiar face or two. Blue Origin and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and were on the last July. William Shatner from Funk as the oldest person to reach space at 90 years old on the second flight. Good Morning America host Michael Strahan was .

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