Google is making Stadia’s storefront accessible to anyone to make games easier to find

Google will soon make it easier to see what Stadia has to offer. In the “coming weeks,” the company will introduce a new public-facing storefront that will be accessible without the need for a Google account. You also won’t need to sign in to the service to see its entire library. One of the ways you’ll be able to access the storefront is through Google Search, much like you can do for games on Steam and the PlayStation Store.

Alongside the new storefront, Google is expanding the availability of click-to-play trials to all developers. They’re limited-time demos that anyone can access, even if they haven’t signed up for Stadia. All a developer needs to do to offer one is set the amount of time someone can play their game without an account. One game that’s currently available to try in this way is , with more to come throughout 2022.

Both initiatives broadly see Google removing barriers that in the past may have stopped some people from trying the service. Whether that ultimately changes the outlook of Stadia is hard to say, but at least anyone with a passing interest in the platform will find it easier to discover what it’s all about. 

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