Saturday LIVE at Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue! 🐹💕

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  1. OK I'm wondering what exactly is considered "soft" poop. I thought it was when you could actually smear it on a napkin but this Lady is saying it's formed and looks normal. If my piggies poo can get a little deformed or squished from them stepping on it is THAT considered soft poop? It doesn't stick to their feet but I find turds that are either broken or smashed, deformed in some way, from them stepping on them. It's not all their poops but I always notice at least 4-5 like that daily. It this something I should worry about?

  2. Saskia thanx for your fungus advise. Even i saw you had explain on your website that bleech is ok for desinfect. Yesterday u say desinfect is not so good for the piggies. That's what i have understand. I didn't understand everything. That's why i wait for subtitle and watch at the next day again.
    Whatever. It was very interesting and a lot of fun yesterday to watch and interact with u and the piggie gang. See you on next Saturday

  3. Hi Saskia, just want to let you know that I received the package from the life-sale. Really want to thank you all. The crystals are amazing!
    Lots of love from the Netherlands 💖💖💖


  5. I am NOT and Never have been a mod, admin or volunteer. I am nothing more than a fan who Saskia is letting do the timestamps. I Really do appreciate those of you who appreciate the timestamps, but just to be clear I'm just a fan and nothing more. Thanks🐹🐹

  6. 00:00 The Live Begins with Julia who says hello and takes us to see adoptions going on. We watch three girls bond.🐹🐹🐹
    10:01 Saskia comes on says Hello❗ Than takes us to the health check tent and answers some questions? Things are a little slow there right now. This is Ursula's first Saturday not there.
    17:41 Saskia takes us into the garage where volunteers Elizabeth and Staff member Alison are. Saskia takes us around and talks to us some more
    22:21 Saskia takes us out back to see Weedwacker 📣and her pig Pepe 🐖
    26:41 Saskia heads to the health check tent. The wifi was on and it was causing teh screen to be pixelated. She was trying to show us her barn animals. Her pig, 🐖Chickens, 🐔 goose📢 and horses🐴
    31:35 Saskia tells us she had to put down one of her horses this week. Her oldest one Abby. Saskia said she had lipoma strangulation in her intestines a Lipoma Tumor had grown.😢 She 26 years old. RIP Abbey You were loved🐴🌈🌻
    37:36 Saskia answers some questions❓❗
    44:42 Saskia tells Julia that they wont be able to adopt a pig out today, because their pig is sick.
    46:58 Saskia shows us her folder with paperwork. Than answers more questions
    57:35 Saskia stops questions to perform a health check on a piggy.
    59:55 Saskia talks to a woman who brought in 9 pigs. The woman was in tears & she drove a long way, but Saskia is full. Sometimes it is a difficult job to have to say No, as well as many other sad things they see & do at the rescue. It is a tough job, but we are so grateful you do it. All of You ❗💯
    1:10:11 Julia takes over health check while Saskia goes to talk to Desiree about the 9 pigs brought in
    1:33:37 Saskia returns with her coat on. It's cold there today🥶. She heads inside the garage. She is taking in the 9 piggies that woman brought in who found them abandoned in a parking❗🐹🐹
    1:44:22 Brain ( as always ) asks Saskia about getting something from the Veggie Grill. A Vegan Restaurant.💯🥗 Than she resumes health checks.
    2:05:36 Saskia steps away and Staff member Alison takes over health checks
    2:24:19 Saskia returns and it's raining outside. She resumes health checks
    2:31:14 As Saskia cleans a pigs ear. She explains that it's just dead skin, but that some vets don't know that it's just dead skin and not an ear infection
    2:45:04 Saskia takes us over to the garage and shows us the babies dropped off there today. No baby came for the live. Saskia walks around the garage and shows us piggies.
    2:49:18 Volunteer📣 Alana takes over to announce a live raffle coming up in April, and shows us a few of the many items that will be up for raffle in April! 💯
    2:54:21 Saskia takes back over and goes outside to talk to some customers. Than heads back to the health check tent✔🏕
    3:09:18 Saskia takes a pig with an abscess into the garage where she is going to lance it and drain it.
    3:09:20 Saskia takes the camera and piggy with the abscess inside the garage so she can lance and drain it, but she stops🛑 and talks to a customer first.

    3:15:57 Saskia burrito wraps pig she is fixing to lance and drain the abscess
    3:26:02 Saskia steps away to talk to the piggy owners and Alison takes over answering some questions and showing us some pigs
    3:46:30 Julia takes the camera to the Buddha Boy cage
    3:55:30 Saskia returns and is cleaning and talking to us at the same time. Than she picks up her piggy Casanova. Than Podrick.
    4:09:02 It's Story time and Saskia shares a story with us & answers some questions.
    4:23:18 As things wrap up. Saskia answers a question and Remembers to Thank her Moderators who are on the live every week. She says goodnight to everyone else.🌜 Thank You to all staff, Volunteers, Moderators, Donors, and everyone who participated in todays live❗💯🐹🐹

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