Let's Talk Homelessness I Live Sunday February 27th, 2022

Let’s Talk Homelessness is a live stream most Sunday mornings around 11am pacific time. Started by Invisible People’s founder …


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  1. You can begin to build a tiny house community or purchase a building and Turn each room into something Dynamic for the Homeless. Different rooms could have a variety of things in it, an instructor to each room, such as a learning center, Full of Computers, something to get them ready for the workplace, whether they work for someone else or become Entrepreneurs. Another room of some kind of furniture, brochures anything to point them to different areas of Helps in the community. Someone can be there to try to help point them in the right direction, anything to Build them up and to Better themselves. Another room can be a Library. Another room could have a counseling groups, another room could be individual counseling, another room a soup kitchen, a room with clothing and shoes etc. a place where they can get cleaned up even, even a recreational room. And last but not least a Chapel, we are variety of people that have a heart for God can teach the Scriptures and speak about Gods Love. Their are a Variety of things you can think of, but Yes it would take people coming together and pulling together. You Dear Sir are actually Doing what God teaches us in the Bible, that we are all suppose to do, You are considering the poor/homeless/ The needy/less fortunate etc. God Smiles on you doing that Sir And it’s a Beautiful thing! You are an Amazing man Sir, I Pray to God for your Complete Healing in your entire body in Jesus Name Amen! All that you are doing, know that it’s not done in vain, we Love you Sir, You’re an Angel sent to the Homeless, you have a Beautiful Huge Precious Heart! That Movie is going to be Awesome, and You have an Awesome Channel also! I watch when I am able to, You are such a Major Blessing to Many Communities! God Bless You Always And Those Working Behind The Scenes!💛😇

  2. Need to check oxcharger he goes out and asks homeless people what they need and then goes and buys it for them. Like food ,tents,sleeping bags. Some people just ask for simple things like coffee. He really does a good job.

  3. you should be handing out the address of every hud region and every politician for your viewers to complain too,then again youre dealing with a society who doesnt want to acknowledge any thing that would ruin their prescious vibes

  4. well i can tell you this every senior high rise is half empty while waiting lists for the under 62 are told there are vacancys but only for over 62 wich apparently there isnt even a need for.meanwhile hud is nothing but a federally funded embezzling scheme that does nothing but provide a job for housing specialists who do nothing but pass out useless vouchers.now the entire system is a fraud and at best provides a job for some pos who never helps any goddamn body

  5. Im homeless now, 😕 Because of a illegal eviction 🏠 , Been out here for 12 days now, The only good thing now is that I have a car 🚗 to sleep in, And also have typed two diabetes and kidney problems, Been eating one meal a day, One thing is true no one cares about me, Im on my own out here 🥶 ,

  6. You don't have to be vegan to be healthy, eating fish is great for you and other lean meats and eggs are fine. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, things like oatmeal, brown rice etc are good for you too.

  7. Im taking my crown!
    Do u know, what time it is?
    u r not the bride,
    Where is your proof?
    Here is mine!!!! https://youtu.be/XdDzvzqX-zI

    Yes, but I am called new Jerusalem. And I am the bride who will bind them to me as ornaments like a bride doeth! Isaiah 49:15
    I will tell you what He says when He speaks just as Moses did! There is always one who is sent!

  8. Is living with your parents because of disability count of homeless ! It is crazy since 2020. My super crazy life was started in 2018. When in 3 months I couldn’t move. Yes Mark please take of yourself! It is hard to hold onto hope. With this event I know ww3 is coming but my circle ⭕️ never talks about the possibility. Thanks Mark for being so real and emotive about the condition of US. Love those Coke Zero s

  9. The movie 🎥 with Mel Brooks called "Life Stinks" shows what the difference between having shelter & having none. It's an EXCELLENT comedy. I figure it's appropriate to mention this here, as most of us who are fans of Mark will really get something extra out of it. ❤️ Thanks for the live today Mark. We're all worried about your blood clot, your ability to walk & function & I'm concerned about the medications you're taking. As each birthday rolls around …..our bodies are going through these changes. It's important to be checked more often because new issues can arise. 🙏🙏🙏♥️🙏🙏🙏🌹🙏🙏🙏💕👌

  10. First off, more shortages and higher prices coming from producers going bankrupt. This problem will increase because of Ukraine. There is a video of a group of nine people who could not afford the rents so they bought the building they rented in. They got the loan because the bank treated them as investors and based the loan on the cash flow of the building itself.

  11. Mark answered my question around the 39.00 minute mark but was just wondering if the person who is related to Katie or anyone who has any legit information on Katie can give us an update on how she’s doing? Invisible People first posted a video interviewing her in October 2017 in Winnipeg Canada. She seemed like such a nice sweet girl. I’ve been wondering how she’s doing since the first time I watched that video..

  12. Scientists have found that marijuana causes cancer. Tony Lin has a video where an embalmer is interviewed and talked Abt those that took the 🐍 juice and have blood clots only these blood clots didn't fall apart when squeezed like normal ones do.

  13. Hi Mark pray for the homeless so many food shortages hope places still can offer meals for them. God bless them all and you Mark… After many years of wanting a homeless shelter we finally got one. They need donations which I'll help with. I just wish the 85 yr.old man that took care of the homeless was still here to see what he tried to get from the city many years has finally come true….RIP.Ralph,for all you did…And thank you Mark

  14. I hate my phone cause the touch screen is so glitchy!! Gahhhh It's ruining everything I type. Anyways, that was a really productive live stream. Thanks for hanging with us Mark! I always look forward to hearing from you!☺️

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