23 Horror Stories Animated (Compilation of December 2021)

24 Horror Stories Animated (Compilation of December 2021)


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  1. Last Video of the year! I hope you will Like this compilation of December 2021.
    2021 was special because of you guys! Thank you so much for the love and support you guys have shown.
    See you next year 😀
    Happy New Year 2022 😀

  2. 17th story. the strong girl had to defend and the girl mom is mad because her daughter got what she was pranking, she wasnt even a real friend, i mean im sorry she went out like this but she knew she had fear and got what she got, she died for pranking. i dont understand why they are still mad, when they now know the full story. she wont kill if she seen her face smh

  3. I think horsford was having a smoke when someone went outside and murdered her cause why would she open the door close it then open it there had to be someone there to because someone else had to have open the door and tried to kill her

  4. The story of the only black woman murdered and nothing was done. This us Georgia. She black woman..we don't care what happened to her. THAT'S HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT US. WE DON'T MATTER. EVERYONE WASN'T WHITE..HISPANIC TOO .THEYRE CLOSER TO THEIR SKIN COLOR. STILL BOTHERS ME OF THE SLIP-SHOD HANDLING IF THE CASE. SOUTH SUCKS!!!

  5. This dudes voice like can’t seem to get the tone right. Every other word he says with extra emphasis like it’s something important. Like he speaks very matter of factly. Not like he’s the one telling the story

  6. First story is about a crazed balemic. The only scary part about it is how she thinks having her pepper spray and knife in her back pack will ever be of convenience if she were to be attacked and didn't even try to use it during the time that the guy was barfing everywhere hahahaha.

  7. 🖤🖤🖤 To you for Ms. Horseford's story. Happened near my city, and they tried to sweep it under the rug. Thanks for putting it out there even more 🖤🖤🖤

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