CW: DV, ED, Child Abuse, Miscarriage, Suicide Fal$e Teacher$ by Shai Linne: …


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  1. You gotta look into the NDCC stuff; this was a scandal too. She was the head of the pastoral search committee and tried to get the approval of the committee for her own candidacy to be Zach Tim's successor. It was a huge falling out with black preachers and churches

  2. I never comment on YouTube videos, but that beautiful insertion of that Steve Brule clip made me burst out laughing so hard at my desk at work and I just needed to say thank you for that. It was too perfect and I needed a good laugh today 😂

  3. Huh. Messianic Judaism. I was in a relationship with a Jewish woman awhile ago. We thought that maybe that would be a way we could go to church together. We got there.
    "Huh. There aren't any Jews here." she said.
    "Wow. I am seriously uncomfortable with this kind of evangelical style." I said.
    We sat down and tried. But 5 minutes in they had already mispronounced 3 Jewish words. We noped out.

  4. I know it's beside the point to judge other people's appearance, but goddamn, seeing the aftermath of Paula's cosmetic surgeries instantly triggered "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead playing in my brain

  5. Thank you so much for all these videos. I am a big fan of your channel. Coming from an immigrant family, it is hard for me to understand many aspects of North American culture including things related to evangelical Christians. This channel has really helped me understand many things. Thank you!

  6. LOVE this channel !! I will always support James and Jen but any UK fans finding the US politics sphere stressful considering our own bullshit going on ?? Would love to see a deep dive into B*r*s J*hns*n – especially his horrific journalistic past that mainstream media likes to ignore…

  7. she reminds me horribly of my sisters very evangelical sobriety mentor who claims she can “see evil spirits” and that “god tells and shows her things that he doesn’t show anyone else” so no one is allowed to really question her bc “god told me!!1!1” she also has bipolar disorder and isn’t on meds so she might just be having psychotic episodes :(( I do hope she gets help but I do not see it happening

  8. I watched Paula White a lot when I was in middle school (2000-2004) she honestly inspired me a lot with her positivity and perseverance,I’d def admit I’m not sure I truly understand what she was talking about some of the time. She often mentioned her horrible childhood which I could relate to in general. Come high school I asked Jeeves about her and found all her and her ex husbands scandals and it was really my introduction to prosperity gospel and the electric church. Fun.

  9. 27:54 now, I'm not the world's most observant Jew, but seeing this lady being wrapped in a Torah really gets under my skin. We're not supposed to directly touch the Torah, even when we read from it (there's a special pointer thingy that's usually shaped like a pointing hand). This is so beyond disrespectful. If my mother saw this footage, it might well kill her.

  10. Fun Side Note: because of Paula White’s “endorsement” by TD Jakes, she was gradually accepted into the black church. Other notable speakers/pastors and preachers like Jamal Bryant (who went on to take over Eddie Long’s church in Atlanta) gave Paula the platform that later catapulted her to broader, more ethnically diverse audiences like BET, The Word Network, and major conferences like Women of Faith (where she made her debut with another preacher and Jakes’ byproduct, Juanita Bynum. Eventually she surpassed Juanita, of course).

    My understanding of how she came to be a part of NDCC (Zachary Tims’ church) was her connection to Jamal Bryant (yes, the ex husband of Giselle on RHOP, I think, I can’t keep up with all these Bravo train wrecks). Bryant was a part of the church in Maryland where Zachary Tims was originally from (I think they’re also called Destiny). Tims was ordained in Maryland and started a satellite church in Orlando which eventually became “new Destiny”/NDCC. My understanding is that some of the members of the original Destiny helped to start this new Destiny (pun intended). When Zachary died, Paula tapped into her connections to Bryant, Jakes, and other prominent black ministers to convince the church board of NDCC to pick her as their leader. Additionally, IIRC there was a local radio station that shared how some of the NDCC board members wanted Riva Tims, but due to the fact that she divorced Zachary and left to start her own church, she couldn’t lay claim to NDCC. Other members wanted someone “new” and exciting that would give them the attention and “land them on the map” — and so they went with White.

    The station went on to say that not only did a good portion of the members left in protest, others’ voices were quashed and silence or made to go along with the change. IIRC, Paula instituted a bunch of new measures and contracts, including making the church pay her contracted salary BEFORE deducting any expenses from tithes and offering, AND paying her separately for any special services, AND paying for her as a featured speaker at any conferences in which they hosted or supported. I’m sure her son has a similar grifting arrangement.

    Considering the church is located in an impoverished area of Orlando, and during COVID (which disproportionately affected people of color – aka, her members), church attendance and offerings went down. Hence why it partly explains her hot mess of a prayer service with her son disgracing you in that Jersey screaming out for Angels from Africa and South America- because heck, where else could they come from? Anyway, sorry for the long rant… I’m sure there’s plenty more behind this story on the inter webs. Thanks for this video!!!!

  11. As a Jew I'm angry that these evangelicals took my most sacred object–which we touch as little as possible and never with our bodies–and wrapped it around someone.

    I'm also furious about their "first fruits" practice. Once again, that's a bastardization of a biblical Jewish practice of bringing the first of their produce to the temple in Jerusalem. But there's also a commandment for land owners to leave the corners of their fields unharvested so that the poor can come and harvest those crops and I don't see Paula doing any kind of equivalent.

  12. You both are fantastic, such a great team, and it's wonderful watching the videos you put so much time, energy, and dedication into! So happy to be here with y'all. <3

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