Outraged Citizens Flood Ottawa Police Phone Lines With Complaint Calls About Horrific Treatment of Protesters

In response to the brutal treatment of protesters by law enforcement officers as they forcefully clear the streets of Ottawa, outraged citizens flooded the Ottawa Police Department (OPD) phone lines on Saturday to express their disgust over the Police’s horrific actions – and in some cases, likely to report some of the abuse.

Following the wave of calls, the OPD decided that the best response would be just to threaten the callers with criminal charges – because, hey, it’s worked so well for everything else, and, ultimately, they are tyrants, so it makes perfect sense.

The OPD tweeted out a plea for people to stop calling on Saturday, making clear that it’s no longer OK for concerned citizens to call about what the police are doing to the peaceful protestors:

We know the events in #Ottawa are upsetting. Still, we’re asking people to stop calling critical emergency and operational phone lines to express displeasure about the police action to remove an unlawful assembly downtown.

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Lives can depend on 911 calls getting through. It is a crime to unnecessarily call 911 or our non-emergency number (613-236-1222). We track calls and will charge anyone deliberately interfering with the phone lines.”

But don’t worry. The OPD provided a link for citizens to submit their complaints because even in a leftist tinpot ‘democracy’ you can still file a complaint online.

Very reassuring…

To file a complaint against police, please consult the Office of the Independent Police Review Director for information. 

Meanwhile, as they threaten people for calling in, police are stepping up the beatings. Another great example of liberal democracy in action.

This is tyranny in its purest form:



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