The 700 Club – February 10, 2022

0:00 – Introduction 02:03 – News 21:01 – Prayer & Ministry Story 36:18 – News Break 37:38 – Featured Guest 46:07 – Humanitarian …


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  1. Johnny Lee b w here
    From Singapore
    Please pray for my daughter wife son nephews my eldest sister in law and my brother in law to come to accept Jesus
    And my eldest brother and sister to come back to Jesus
    Jesus bless and favours you all and family
    Glory to our Lord
    Glory to our Lord
    Glory to our Mighty
    Living GOD
    P / S and not forgetting my 100 year-old dad

  2. God Jesus ruby thompson Lexis. J thompson Philadelphia gypsy Sacramento February 2022 God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus God Jesus

  3. The intelligence community says in 11 weeks Iran could make a bomb? How would they know? Iran could be working on that now and how would we know?

    Iran could be there now, how would we know. Israel obviously has tested their nukes, does anyone know where or when? If they could do this in secret, couldn't others do that too?

    Iran could already have the bomb or could have it in just a few days, how would we know?

    If we don't have the courage to take that government out now, using our own nukes, we probably will have to take them out later at much greater cost to ourselves and our homeland.

    This is the path we are on. God can intervene .

  4. My sister is in the same situation as David Johnson was. She has been in an Oregon hospital since January 3 because of Covid. As of today, she has been in the hospital 38 days and the last 7 days on a ventilator and incubated and getting weaker. The doctor's said that she is in the process of dying. We are praying for life and healing over her in the name of Jesus. Before they incubated her, she told the doctor that she believed that Jesus would heal her. Her name is Deb. Please pray for a miracle!

  5. Oh fo r heavens sake you must think I'm crazy , I do have add I just wanted to let you know also that I was diagnosed with Guillium Barre Syndrome and can you believe this my Doctor told me if I get covid that I will have to get vaccine! Well when you have GBS you cannot get vaccinated for anything ir you will probably die . I noticed cutes on web confirmed this pre- covid . Now they say you can take covid vaccine and you'll be alright ! Well in my opinion if God wants me dead I will be and if he doesn't want me dead I won't be. Vaccine or no.

  6. Hello God bless your ministry ! I raised two boys that believe in Jesus and are saved . WI used to smoke , I quit a few times In my early 30's I stopped for good! I was never sick . I told myself repeatedly that I didn't have time to be sick. And It worked. I was raised in a Lutheran church as an adult I was attracted to noon- denominational churches. In 1986 i was officially saved and baptized. But I was over weight as a divorced , mom , and standing on cement floors was taking a toll on my body. Then I changed jobs to taxi driver , then dispatcher. One day I made the biggest mistake of my life. I had to go to work from 7 pm till 7 am. I knew that I had to get a little sleep. Bdfore laying down I had said to myself I'd sell my soul if if couldn't walk n could receive disability totally as a joke and laoughed and said no I don't mean that I was joking and Kim shame on you for even joking joking. I went to sleep and when I woke up my legs were numb from my knees down the numbness started getting higher and higher , so I called my son to come sit with me in case something happened and I couldn't call for help. So he came by then I couldn't walk without hanging onto furniture. I was very scared. And thought what if it keeps getting higher and my insides go numb and stop working? So my son took me to the hospital on September 19 th . They didn't know what was wrong with me, also my sugar was 400! Threedays later I stood to go to the bathroom and my legs gave totally out the nurse hurried and pushed me hard so that I fell onto the bed or would have been on the floor. They flew me in a helicopter from Pirt Huron Michigan to Detroit Henry Ford hospital I was in ICU for weeks . Iwas never so scared in my life. A few days before Thanksgiving (2015) I went to a nursing home and never walked again I prayed so hard , asked for forgiveness. Last year I was in my own apartment but couldn't keep help with covid, and it was too much for my boys to take care of me. ( the eldest is a high functioning learning disabled person bless his heart he really tried and did really good for him but it wasn't enough) so anyway the piint of this story is I find myself back in a nursing home . In order to stay here I insurance pays for me but in order for them to pay like thousands a month, I have to pay all of my disability except $60 a month. So I was wondering if I could join 700 Club and gaet copy of your Fathers book for $10 a month? I have watched the show sice I was a teenager with my parents. Thank you very much I'll understand if you can't let me. God bless ya'all

  7. Please pray for me. M-53 Ms has attacked my body for the last 18 years. Since Saturday I've been asking the Lord that I could run into somebody who knows how to pray for healing because the church I go to doesn't do that. Almost a quadriplegic right now but I've experienced healing from God and I know he does. So anyway yesterday I went to go eat across the street and a woman I know through the Christian Community came walking up 5 minutes after I prayed again to the Lord to help me find somebody who can pray for healing. As we talked I asked her and she said yes her husband is been studying with bill dew and giorgian banov. So tomorrow her husband is coming to pray with somebody else. Please pray that God heals me cuz right now I only have one hand that works. I'm far too young to be this way and I know the Lord promised he was going to heal me. God bless you and thank you so much

  8. By his stripes, I am healed. I agree and receive my healing now in Jesus precious mighty and holy name , Amen.βœ¨β€πŸ™πŸ›πŸ™βœ¨. Thank you for this wonderful show tonight. God Bless you 700 Club Family, and everyone here.βœ¨β€πŸ™πŸ›πŸ™βœ¨.

  9. "Teach the children quietly, 'cause oneday sons and daughters, will rise up, and fight while we stood still" ("Silent Running" by Mike + the Mechanics, 1985).

  10. haha sure like saddam had weapons of mass destruction but then they were never found. stop trying to get the world into a war you jerks. all governments are illegitimate private corporations, why don't you report on that?

  11. Please pray for my cousin. She's a single woman, older brother skizofrenic, living at the back of her house, independently but connected through a patio and making her life impossible. Her younger brother has brought both, sister and older brother living in the paternal house, to court, to get his share of the house regardless of brother and sister not having an income or any other place to go. My cousin Jeannette is a believer but she's in great despair, weak and in depression because she can't see the way out of her situation. On top of it all she's in debt and can't find a job because she's older than the age people would hire. She's an orphan and her extended family doesn't want to lend a hand. She lives in a South American country. Please pray for God to intervene in her life, her older brother to get healed, her younger brother to have compassion and not impose their expulsion of the house, for Jeannette to have a good source of income. Thank you very much. God is able!!!

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