Elf's Pure Skin Products Could Have Gone Better

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  1. Got the cleanser and moisturizer in the line and hadn’t tried it yet … once I watched your video I did …. TOTALLY agree … the moisturizer is just weird and nothing elegant about it. I have combo very sensitive skin and it was hard to even blend in and I used very little. I used it a couple times and ended up giving it away, just not for me. Much prefer the honey drop light moisturizer from Farmacy, Biossance’s gel moisturizer, and PTR water drench gel moisturizer. And for drug store price point I like the Differin night time moisturizer (can easily be used AM and PM).

  2. The Aveeno oat cleanser is the most gentle cleanser I have tried. It's the only one I can use without prickling if I've gotten sunburned. I thought it was the oat specifically and have been on the hunt for a cruelty free option. I picked up the Sweet Chef Oat Milk Latte cleanser to try and was looking forward to trying ELF's when I heard about it. I'm a little less excited now but will still try it eventually.
    The Aveeno moisturizer is my least favorite of the three. It pills on me unless it's the only layer I use and it's not enough for me (I have normal/dry, sensitive skin, with cyclical hormonal acne). The serum though, even without cruelty-free, is one of my holy grails and I may never stray. I've tried the Snail that's your favorite and it doesn't compare for me. My most often use is as the step before tretinoin (toners and essences first if I'm doing any) so that serum, then tret, and a lock-it-in moisturizer before bed.
    Anyway, just thought I'd add some info on how I use the Aveeno oat line. p.s. I heard there's a toner in the line in the UK/Europe, but I've not seen it hit state-side yet.

  3. Alice. Great review
    It's starting to annoy me more the lack of disclosure.
    I do alot of microneedling in office peels etc and have to have the gentle nourishing products when I'm off actives. Otherwise my face is on fire. Plus this info is good to pass on to my 19 year old dry acne prone and helluva sensitive.

  4. Oh Alice! Thanx for your review. I was waiting to order this line til I saw u review them. I will definitely pass now. Thanx for your great and honest reviews and for doing what u do and for being beautiful YOU!!!!! I learn so much from you!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!!🥰

  5. Oh that moment when you have an immediate reaction. 😟 It’s so off-putting and odd. I once bought Visine for my eyes and as I blinked to distribute the drops in my eyes, some flowed down onto my cheeks. They left a very dramatic trail of immediate redness. I couldn’t believe it even though it was so obvious (I couldn’t believe it because something made for eyes is supposed to be super non-irritating right??). Somehow I ignored it and used the drops again the next day. It looked like I had applied pink eyeshadow in a line from my eyes down to my chin 🤡 😭 I took a photo to prove to myself that I wasn’t imagining it. Sorry to ramble on something mostly unrelated, but I know that brain space where logic is momentarily suspended!
    Thanks for trying this out. I probably won’t pursue it 😬 but I quite like the Aveeno oat moisturizer (being of the “normal” skin type) and just noticed while browsing at Target that they have a (new?) cleanser in that line. If I didn’t have a drawer full of cleansers, I would’ve tried it and looked for the toner.
    Hugs my friend ☮️💟🤗

  6. I feel like one of the issues with niacinamide is that it’s in EVERYTHING now. Between cleansers (where it isn’t even on the skin long enough to matter) to moisturizers and everything in between, even skin tolerant to niacinamide is sure to be overwhelmed.

    Also I looove that Aveeno line. I bought some pumps from the Ordinary and cut one down to fit in that tiny serum bottle to replace that horrendous dropper. Love it so much!

  7. I love their happy hydration cream. I love their hemp seed oil. I love their CC cream. I'm incredibly sensitive to fragrance and I'm acne prone and I thought this was custom built for me. Disappointed to see it didn't work out for you, as I was waiting on this review before buying them.

  8. Yeah it’s been a real struggle use this line… I’m ready to stop and commit to Byoma! I didn’t have any redness with the toner but I did experience a little tingling! but that moisturizer is horrid on damp skin! ( easily absorbed on dry skin using one pump at a time ) And the pilling 🥴 gosh, I just don’t know what that dermatologist was thinking!! I expected better!

  9. Girl! Yes! I’m so sick of all these companies packing niacinamide in every single product and especially here, so high on the ingredients list. Smh. I’m sorry that happened to you and feel your frustration. I love to layer products and it p’s me off when I can’t layer products in my collection bc of freaking niacinamide. Lol. 4% and I’m good.

  10. I got all 3 and I thought I was going crazy. Because the toner and the moisturizer burned my skin and caused redness. I can not use acids and I hate when brands mislead with "sensitive skin" labels. I wish it was more regulated.

  11. I was curious about this line but elf skincare ALWAYS irritates my skin. It either burns, gives me white heads, gives me texture or makes me break out. It doesn't matter what claims they give or what the product is, something they use in their skincare is not good for me. I think I'll stick with my Pacifica.

  12. Skin care is so personal. The amount of cleansers I have purchased to find the perfect one after hearing about so many recommendations from friends and YouTubers is insane. The drunk elephant beste #9 cleanser is the one my skin is most happy with and I know drunk elephant is a pretty controversial brand but it is one of the only cleansers that my face has no problem with. It’s all about trial and error at the end of the day but I’m still trying to find a replacement cleanser my skin likes.

  13. No don't do it to yourself ,try it on your feet..lol that's ware I been putting all of my unwanted skincare 😂 omg we have a pimple in the same exact spot on the chin even the same side. I'm not super interested in this skincare line I'm just watching because it's U my next cleanser is gonna be the BOJ one that u want to try to and that toner didn't intrigue me at all idk but I think I'm gonna repurchase the cosrx propolis toner I miss it and another laneige cream skin I'm almost out I really don't need another toner but I love them, I'm addicted. I'm using the elf bounce back cleanser and the simple micellar cleanser right now so I don't really need another gel cleanser either but I really want the BOJ one.

  14. Was wondering about this collection … only got the cleanser and moisturizer, but haven’t used them yet. Now I feel blah about them both after watching your review – lol!

  15. I was such a fan of elf until I ordered from them on CM. I was supposed to get two Happy Hydrations, two body moisturizers and two GWPs. The order was delayed and then they said they were out of products.

    When I finally got my order, there were no GWPs. The body moisturizers were expiring in a month and the jars were not sealed. I sent pictures and they credited back my order but didn’t offer a good explanation for how they shipped out the products in the first place.

    So my love affair with elf is over. There are certain things I just can’t get over and this was one of them. ❤️❤️

  16. comedogenicity ratings really mean nothing!! a product could be formulated with multiple ingredients with 4-5 ratings, and when those are combined with other certain ingredients, that comedogenicity factor practically disappears, so i'm totally with you on comedogenic claims and the whole scale not really being a helpful tool at all

  17. I skipped buying the toner but I have the cleanser and moisturizer. I have not started using them yet and wished I would have waited for your review before ordering. = ) During your trial did you use the moisturizer in the morning before makeup? I'm curious whether it causes any pilling with foundation. As always thank you for your honest skincare reviews. 🤗

  18. I love oats and I love the Aveeno Calm and Restore line. I did pick up the entire set. Hoping to get good results. Thanks for sharing your review. Sorry, it didn’t work out better for you.

  19. Hubby (very dry 67 yo skin) and I (combo 66 yo skin) both love the Happy Hydration Cream. He uses it for both day and night. I wear it generally only to sleep, unless my skin is feeling really tight and thirsty.

  20. Having to hide the toner from yourself is such a huge mood. I'm the same way with hair products that I KNOW are going to flake on me. 😔
    And since the toner's glycolic acid is under the niacinamide and ceramides in the INCI, I'm betting it's just acting as a pH adjuster/humectant. Bit weird since I think lactic acid is more common for that use, but #notachemist 🤷‍♀
    Thanks for the review!

  21. This is UNCANNY. I was contemplating waiting to watch this until I edited my review for instagram, and now I wish I had so I would have proof. 🤣🤣🤣 (a) I stopped using the toner 3 days in because I started peeling, (b) I thought it might be the niacinamide because that's what happens whenever I use a product with more than 5%; (c) I then broke out; (d) I'm still using the cleanser every other night, but do also prefer the bounce back; (e) the moisturizer is fine but not enough even for daytime (particularly when it's like 20 degrees out), so I was mixing it with a drop of the elf hemp oil. (I'm trying the Fresh corset cream now and will revisit the elf when the weather warms up).

    Soooo instead of editing that reel I'm just going to post a link to your video. 🤣🤣🤣

  22. I only ordered the cleanser… sounds like I made the right choice! My skin type is very similar to yours… dry + sensitive… plus hormonal acne. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Fun times!

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