Holistic Healing for ADHD: The Whole-Person Treatment Approach (with Lidia Zylowska, M.D.)

ADHD treatments work best when they don’t just target symptoms but also promote health, calm, and productivity. In this hour-long …


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  1. What is the link between trauma and ADHD? Do you mean self-inflicted trauma, like a bad driving accident? Or do you know of a link, to say: being targeted for sexual assault or domestic violence? Are women more susceptible? I have ADHD, and I have been sexually assaulted several times (raped once, sexually assaulted in public by random men 3 times, etc) and I wonder if these sexual predators can see something in me, which prompts them to chose to assault me (or makes them think I am not likely to fight back—which would be VERY WRONG).

    Also, all these alternative therapies sound amazing. They also sound expensive and out of reach for most adults seeking mental health care. Kaiser would never give me access to any of this.

    I am being blocked by Kaiser for even getting diagnosed for ADHD, because of one single yes/no question. I was 12 in 1982, when it was settled science that AD(H)D was a disorder ONLY AFFECTING BOYS. They won't even touch me because I was not diagnosed by age 12 (DSM-V criteria). I am 52 and this is ageist and sexist. I have been fighting Kaiser for 2 months, spoken to more than 20 people in the Mental Health Department of Kaiser, filed 2 grievances about this (one fighting their block of me getting assessed, and the other being a civil rights violation). I have also sought to be diagnosed and pay out of pocket by dozens of psychiatrists or mental health groups, only to be told no in the end or find it's cost prohibitive ($3,000 is a bit much, in my book) I have super bad anxiety because I cannot seem to get anyone in my Health Care System (Kaiser) to believe me, and take me serious. I spend 8-12 hours each business day, researching, calling, emailing and screaming and crying intermittently. I am highly stressed and highly depressed, and when I started seeking care 2 months ago, I was not afflicted with either anxiety or depression. Basically, Kaiser's Mental Health System cured nothing, and gave me 2 more severe conditions. Kaiser's Mental Health System is cruel.

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