TRY-Athlon! How Long Can I Hang With Pro Triathlete Lionel Sanders? Worst Retirement Ever

I’ve been in touch with @Lionel Sanders ever since he took my Mt. Lemmon KOM and did a No Kid Hungry push on his channel, …


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  1. I've ridden with guys that do Duathlons and triathlons and they are very fit. Where I see some fall away is in the hills when riding with guys that just bike. I put that down to a larger weight from more muscle mass and perhaps less focus on non flats or steeper gradients which has a rider developing different muscles out of the saddle more.

  2. Phil you could absolutely be a swimmer with some practice! You've got a swimmers frame and you've got the basics down, just need to fine tune and learn proper breathing technique. Don't be fooled by how tiring it felt, that's normal in the beginning – it takes time but once you get swim fit and dial in the technique you'll find an easy long swim feels as effortless as an easy ride! Would be epic to see you do a Tri one day. Great video!

  3. Loved this so much. Phil’s humility and down to earth personality is what makes him the best, and he’s pretty damn fast too! If you read this Phil, would be awesome to see a colab with The Vegan Cyclists 🤙🏼

  4. I used to race bikes…run ….people have dorked out in these sports too much and gotten lost in their own rabbit holes. Whoop…

  5. Very interesting to see the differences in running and biking form.

    On the bike, Phil has a way higher (more natural) cadence, while on the run, Lionel and Ari run way more efficient and effortless with Phil having a hard time to keep his upper body in check.

  6. Nice! Good job in the run mate.

    That gait when you tapped out of the jog, oh so familiar! I knows it well.

    If you want to feel an intriguingly different 'have to stop' moment in your legs, give a beep test a crack sometime. 😉

    The swim is easy once one has some shoulders conditioning for 30-60min of flailing. Once you're pulling yourself along at enough pace so the glutes rise to the surface it's all just a calm exhaling rhythm thing, not unlike jogging, and in that the face down with side breathing becomes second nature. …should you want to at some point.

  7. It takes a special athlete or narcissist to don a speedo. You know [you] got work to do when you go near Greek hero mode. Swimming events last under a minute or so because it zaps ALL your energy in a hurry. Phil, your first couple laps were good.

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