White Liberals Nine Times More Likely to Use Term ‘Latinx’ Than Actual Hispanics

A new poll has found that white liberals are nine times more likely to use the term “Latinx” than actual Hispanics are.

The poll from Echelon Insights found that among registered American voters, just 3 percent expressed a preference for “Latinx,” including less than 1 percent of Hispanic voters, according to a report from the Washington Free Beacon.

Nine percent of white liberals said that “Latinx” was the appropriate term to use.

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The pollsters found that the most popular term to use was “Hispanic,” which is preferred by 42 percent of those surveyed, including 55 percent of Hispanics. “By their own nationality” came in second with 26%, and “Latino or Latina” which was preferred by 15 percent.

“The Latinx term is not commonly used among the vast majority of Spanish-speaking people. The new survey shows that among American voters, and especially among American voters of Hispanic descent, the term is not a preferred label. According to Echelon Insights, not a single Hispanic respondent identified with Latinx,” the Daily Wire reports. “Among ethnic groups in the U.S., white voters were the most likely group to prefer the gender-neutral term, though Latinx was still only preferred by 4% of the group.”

Last June, Joe Biden made headlines after he used the term and implied that all Hispanics are illegal aliens.

“It’s awful hard as well to get LatinX vaccinated as well. Why? They’re worried that they’ll be vaccinated and deported,” Biden said.

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