Trucks are Dumb…but, Kinda COOL!!

Hauling grain to finish up the Durum contract and working on trucks, always. YOU CAN ALSO FIND TONY ON: ***Instagram: …


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  1. 18 below. NE ny hit 14 below the other day ruining the idea of an outside hydraulic change on my tractor. Guess it can wait till warmer temps! You all keep safe. God Bless the farmers!

  2. Maybe you are, but I'd run synthetic oil in any engines you run over the winter. Significant difference on cranking in low temps. I've found it makes it huge difference on my pickups.

  3. Do you plan to build another shop or building so you can put your trucks in or other pieces of equipment? Be nice if you could do a video of what the future plans are.

  4. We have been getting alot of below 0 temps but don't last long like back in the 80's we would have -30 for over a month and when it got above 0 it was like sweatshirt weather. How are you doing in moisture this winter,we are 8 inches plus behind. We got around 8 inches of snow 10 days ago and the snow we got earlier was all melted so we had a brown Christmas. How come elevators only pay on protein on wheat up to 16, if you have protein that tests 18 you don't get more money why is that ? High protein would make great something or other cereal or feed supplement ? Here in Nw Iowa if you would haul in high test weight corn they would make you dump it in feedmill.
    Love your videos Tony and wish the farming You Tubers would go to 5and 6x on there merchandise for us big ppl, Have a great week !

  5. Tony – I was surprised to see that you had dirt on the diesel tank of your one semi, you usually keep them spotless. How are you liking the Mae West 5 wheel plates so far?

  6. Haven't actually noticed that you guys have bull bars on your trucks, a bit like ours Down Under. Not sure that the white trucks bar would last long down here with those vertical bars but the green truck has a real Aussie bull bar on it. It just needs some driving lights, or "spotties" as we call them, to cut through the dark and she'd look like a proper Aussie KW, well except for that pusher axle or whatever it is but you get the idea. Also, your daytime temps at -13°F is colder than any overnight minimum ever recorded in the whole of Australia. It gets cold here in winter, especially along The Great Divide, but not like you guys get. The coldest it's ever got where I live in northern New South Wales at 1000mts a.s.l. (3400 feet) is about 10°F. Keep the videos coming guys, they're really good.

  7. You Montana boys, thank you for buying our Saskatchewan made implements. Flexi coil/CNH and your auger was Hawes agro from Saskatoon as well.

  8. Hey Tony yes you a right trucks are dumb 😆 the green w9 you have that is a sweet truck and with that 60 series detroit in it sound even better. Have you started selling any hay yet. You and Collin and your family stay warm.

  9. 🇺🇸 A man with an all Kenworth fleet!!! You better watch what you're saying the 'cancel culture' police will be after you 🤣🤣🤣 God bless and keep on trucking 🙏👍

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