Pre-Market Prep | Trade Setups | November 17, 2021

Get ready for the Market action with the TCG Team! We will review key levels and technical setups for ES and NQ futures, discuss …


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  1. Just thought I would post this for Canadians who want to exchange to US funds but want to avoid the additional up to 3% charged by banks to exchange currencies. Have a dual CD/US cash investment account (investment TFSA works). Use the Norbert's Gambit, that is, buy a dually listed stock, for example RY, with somewhat high volume and somewhat steady price on the TSX and then sell it on the NYSE. It takes a few days to clear (will show you own stock on the TSX but are down the amount sold on the NYSE). Money comes from the CD account to buy but must be directed to the US account when selling. Can work out well if an arbitrage opportunity comes up too.

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