Top 20 Albums of 2021

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  1. My top 3 goes from tech power wankery, to doom, to brutal death.
    1. First Fragment – Gloire éternelle
    2. Worm – Foreverglade
    3. Putrid Tomb – S/T

    50:24 Jesus love you Buddy! He loves us all.

  2. love you guys great list but you completely wiffed on the objectively best of the year Passeisme – Eminence I know Kris pretends to hate BM these days but prove me wrong

  3. OMFG I have waited for a year for this shit! You Bois are the greatest, y'all shall drink, y'all shall rank, and I will spend money on your recommendations! I'm most thankful for you guys this past year. A sincere thank you to you both for always being there! ❤️

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