Rapid Fire Questions For World's Top Nutrition And Lifestyle Doctors

Rapid Fire Questions For World’s Top Nutrition And Lifestyle Doctors with Alan Goldhamer, D.C., Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Pamela A, …


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  1. Question about the answer about oils – What if you are someone who has a hard time gaining and keeping on weight? Are oils as bad for you in that case? or would they be beneficial? Thanks!

  2. Plants are also loaded with toxins, but they are there on purpose to discourage animals and insects from eating them. You need to choose your plants carefully and then process them in order to ameliorate any toxins that might be harmful to you. That is no different to fish. Choose fish that are small and young (sardines, herring, mackerel are my favourites) that have had very little time to absorb toxins from the sea. That isn’t to say the oceans are in a good state – they aren’t, and it’s humans that are to blame with all the toxins we allow to be poured into them daily. I worry far more about the real damage to the oceans caused by humans than the hypothetical contribution to damage to the climate. We only postulate that humans are affecting the climate, but we KNOW we are polluting the oceans.

  3. I’m on OMAD. 23 hours fasting but I am planning t switch on 18/6 from tomorrow. I just want to ask why I am loosing my weight so fast? I was 78 kg as on may 10, 2021. I was overweight. I have started IF with 2 meal a day for one month then switched to OMAD till date. I have lost 19 kg weight in three months. Now my weight is 59 kg now. Is it concerning? I have reversed my metabolic syndrome and I am happy πŸ˜ƒ. But I am now concerned about my continued weight loss. Please help! My BMI is 19. Just 0.5 above being underweight. Please guide and help me. What is set point weight in my case ? Till when I will be loosing my weight? Is KETO and IF life long or we have to stop after achieving desired results? Kindly enlighten. Stay blessed.

  4. Individuals, politicians and corporations all need to do more to protect the planet from Climate Change.
    Support environmentally friendly products and companies. Stop using fossil fuels. Stop using pesticides, add solar energy to your home or business, buy an ELECTRIC VEHICLE or get a BICYCLE or scooter, eat more FRUIT and VEGETABLES and less or no meat and dairy, plant a tree, recycle everything. All new plastic products need to be made from 100% recycled materials. No single use plastic products should be made. Every adult and child should own a BICYCLE and ride it regularly. Donate to non profits fighting for a better future. Support and elect climate leaders. Every child should plant a tree, bush or flowers wiith a parent or teacher. It will help connect them to nature and the environment. .Leave a better future for your children and grandchildren. We must stop adding more fossil fuels to the CLIMATE FIRE. Voting matters. Local, state and federal elections all matter and have an impact on your life. Do your part. Is the company where you work or the city you live in doing their part ?

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