Big Market Swings! 😱Get Out Of THESE Stocks Now!

Big Market Swings! Get Out Of THESE Stocks Now! The stock market is off to one hell of a rocky start and if you’re not changing …


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  2. Hey Jerry! I have a random question.
    I’am trying to understand the Total current 1 Year Excess number.
    And I understand how to calculate it, but I Don’t understand how to figure out for how the company could really survive without revenue.
    For example, lets say we have Total Current Assets of $2,741.9 B – Total Current Liabilities of $1,906.5 B = 0,835
    Obviously its a good, being a positive number, but can one say if the company could survive that one year ?

  3. @Jerry what the heck am I supposed to do with Riskified? Global supply chain problems, EU regulations and the end of the pandemic boon, spell major problems BUT with the new variants of Covid close and new lockdowns, change in regulations and e-commerce fluctuations could potentially make it climb over the course of the year. Invest, hold or dump?

  4. I've currently got 60% of my portfolio sitting here in balance. Got stopped out of a lot of my positions of the 10k portfolio. Not entirely sure what to do next due to inexperience.

  5. Hi Jerry,

    What are your thoughts on Vale? I am quite optimistic at the moment. Been holding it for almost two years and currently about +/-0 due to averaging up in summer.

    Lynas also has its place in my portfolio for about a year now. Already have great gains and intend to hold for some more years.

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