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Your View January 10th, 2022 (LIVE STREAM) Watch TVC on GOTV Ch. 27, StarTimes Ch. 121, PLAY TV Ch. 801, UHF Ch. 49 …


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  1. To the topic, taxes will look like robbery to Nigerians if they don't see the work of taxes. Tope has said it all. You have to encourage businesses to grow so you can gain from their growth but in Nigeria, we kill our own and support oyinbo things. What we don't know is that we are losing.

  2. Morayo you are very stupid 😒, a situation where the government cannot provide jobs and you expect people to pay taxes? Where is your sense of reasoning for goodness sake!!

  3. It's so disgraceful that Morayo doesn't seems to know that many Liegerians are going hungry? Just because you get handouts from the sides doesn't translate that so it is with many Liegerians, Morayo if you don't know what to say then better shut up your mouth 😤

  4. Morayo, I just want to know who is bankrolling you because your comments are not in line with the reality on ground, you seems to always sides with the janjaweed criminals in Liegeria, your objective is negative to the common man on the streets, you are a disgrace to the hard working Liegerians.

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