CBD And Low THC Can Help Chronic Severe Pain

Lifestyle Etiquette & Strategy Coach Sabrina Samuels answers a questions from one of her subscribers about the use of Medical …


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  1. You should never smoke but if you have medical issues the oil can cure you. Stop seizures, cures migraines, helps with mood disorders etc
    Cannabis has over 100 uses but it should never be smoked. Smoking cannabis is like smoking an apple. You lose all the nutritional benefits

  2. Every Moving Thing That Lives Shall Be Food For You. And As I Give You the Green Plants, I give You Everything – Genesis 9:3 and yes that includes Cannabis I would rather smoke cannabis than take pills any day of the week

  3. Thanks for the information, beautiful lady. Fortunately l am not in any pain (yet) but if, if, if l absolutely would go to Amsterdam and get help! No, in Sweden l hardly believe they ever will allow medical marijuana.

  4. That is wonderful that you helped her and others I’m sure. After all Marijuana is a plant, right? It’s nature’s gift to us for medicinal purposes. I believe the Native Americans use Hemp or sage for spiritual reasons. They just burn it in a boil or they burn it wave it around their faces. No I’m not shocked that you know about healing❤️

  5. Cannabinoid receptors are naturally occurring in our bodies also with various animals too. Natures medication. I admire you even more now. Cheers from Cali

  6. My Sister…I love you dearly. Your videos are lovely, informative, and inspiring What I have to say, I say with Sisterly love and respect. We must be careful and responsible on how we use our platform to influence others. As you and many of your followers already realize that we are living in the last days and that our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST is soon to return to rapture HIS Church.
    And the rest of man which were not killed off by these plaques yet repented not of the works of their hands that they should not worship devils and idols of gold and silver and brass and stone and wooden idols which are not to see, hear, or walk.
    Neither repented of their murders nor of their sorceries nor of their fornication nor of their thefts.
    My Sister when we speak of drug use and Marijuana is a drug a "spirit" just like Alchohol is a "spirit," the word sorcery mean a lot of things. GOD uses it in the book of Revelation to explain to man that man would not repent of his sorceries=pharmakia= drug use.
    The THC that you speak of is actually a psychoactive compound in cannibis/marijuana that provides the HIGH or sense of EUPHORIA sensation.
    I truly empathize with you and others when you speak of your pains and ills. But if regulatory weed is what you need to get you through, that is your decision for your life. Man may regulate it here on earth and attach the word MEDICAL to make it sound legal, but a HOLY and Loving GOD does not. To co sign with other partakers of this sin and then use your platform to encourage others. My dear Sister. Yes you are lovely, classy, distinguished and very successful. You will also be held responsible for all who follow your lead in engaging in this sinful unrepentant practice.
    My prayer is that you go to our LORD and ask HIM for forgiveness and what HE can do for your pain and suffering. You do know that HE is a Healer. Blessings 👑

  7. To my understanding, the addictive substances are removed from medical marijuana.
    I am in constant pain, all over my body for years, but I still don't to use any form of marijuana.
    I'm trying alternatives, as I also don't want to go down the road of using narcotics.

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