Why Bank Stocks Are The Growth Stocks of 2022! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Why Bank Stocks Are The Growth Stocks of 2022! Bank Stocks are hot right now because investors know that interest-rate …


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  2. Have held SCHW in my IRA for years. Its been a nice stable long term play with a decent dividend. This performance this past year has been the strongest since I owned it.

  3. I actually bought Citi stock, and OTM 3/18 Calls about 1 month ago when I saw the shift into value. Sold my contracts today for 126% gains and now get to hold shares of citi and contracts for free.

  4. I had bought Citigroup when it was at around 60$ in late December, it's already up by 10%. I already had previously JP Morgan, it was red for the entire time I had it until this month….and TD is my Canadian bank that has been the best performing for the second half of 2021 up to now. My point is that I agree with you 100% that banks will do well in 2022.

  5. I had a nice run up in CUBI based on your alert a few weeks ago and just closed my position, setting the 4% stop loss as you suggested. Thanks for all you do! I recently opened a 3x leveraged etf position in FAS, believing banks are the way to go this year. Thanks Jerry!

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