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  1. Has anyone else noticed Select is ripping us off with their straight Hybrid Live Resin carts? On the front of the box it says Live Resin, but when you look at the ingredients on the back, it says it's distillate extract.

    Absolutely nothing about Live Resin like it is on all their other Live Resin carts.

  2. love seein these out of state products man, its always nice seeing new products or unknown ones. i'd give that a try for sure a 6 ain't too shabby

  3. cheers smoking a stiiizy pod with you, Durban poison a great stain my first cart i picked up in college was a Durban poison cart, later i learned about cookies strains and realy loved it because it has og kush and durban poison in it its like the ultimate combo

  4. I love durban poison bro I used that in the beginning of 2019 spent the whole year lost like 100 lb. Whatever terpenes it has helps with appetite suppression as well as its supposedly the "espresso of weed" helps with endurance while on walks.
    Of course the pandemic I gained everything back but now that it's getting a bit colder suppose maybe getting back out there lose the weight this winter get back in the gym during the summer with air conditioning.

  5. I got a almost free half gram cart the other day. Went to a dispensary I Don't go to that often because I have one in my city. (I live in rural part of a small state). There used to be a point system. (Either just for medical or medical and recreational I don't know) but I guess they got rid of it but I got a half gram cart for a dollar. Package says it's a year old and to use by November but don't really think it matters. I also got an 1/8th of flower also for a dollar and that was ontop of the oz i pre ordered online.

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