AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich Redlines 2021 Election Procedures Manual Draft, Submitted AFTER AZ Audit Report

AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich

The Maricopa County full forensic Election audit report was delivered to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich 97 days ago, on September 24th and he still has not taken any action to secure elections or hold corrupt officials accountable.

All evidence presented in Maricopa County and more recently in Pima County has been turned over to Brnovich and he has opened a formal criminal investigation.

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A week after its release, on October 1st, radical leftist Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs submitted the 2021 Elections Procedures Manual draft to the Attorney General for review.

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In September, The Gateway Pundit reported on the Elections Procedures draft that Katie Hobbs would use to steal 2022.

AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Tries to Cheat Again: EZAZ Civic Action Group Finds 170 Issues with Her Elections Manual

Attorney General Brnovich has already analyzed the hundreds of pages in the Elections Procedures draft but Arizona is waiting for indictments and decertification of the fraudulent 2020 election.

The Attorney General’s legal team sent a letter to Secretary of State Katie Hobbs redlining over 100 pages that need to be changed before approval.

Katie Hobbs is clearly trying to steal another election for Democrats and Brnovich knows it.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers told TGP that she’s tired of Attorney General Brnovich failing to update his constituents on the election investigation.

“I Have to Call to Decertify” – AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers Demands Update On Election Investigation Outside AZ Attorney General’s Office (Video)

Contact Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and demand that he uphold the rule of law.

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