"Average Excellence & Cyber War Games" 12/14/21

We have a short Tuesday night show lined up for you all, but I would like to talk about a recent study that shows that average …


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  1. That women caller was great from I believe France. It is nice to know others outside of our country see our constitution for the amazing blessing it is. I wish the same for all of these countries as well. I hate seeing all their supposed free nations suffer under that crap because they don't have the same protections. Mabe what is happening with this covid will be so eye opening something good like that can come from this for us all. Can never give up hope that some good can come from a nightmare. Plenty of good people like her out there that can make it happen! Love KrissAnn Hall too! She is wondeful!

  2. There is a timekeeping system used by some businesses called Kronos. That is what your caller was referring to, not Kronos/Cronos of greek mythology. One of my jobs uses the Kronos system, and that is why I understood the caller.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with your statement regarding LGBTQ. I have nothing in common with militant pc rainbow flag waving members of this community. I have a flag already, its red, white and blue.

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