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  1. Poor Dr. Berg, he has to legally say nothing he says should be taken more seriously than an individual’s doctor. You can tell it just kills him to say it kills me to hear it lol. Nothing could be further than the truth unless you have a good naturopath or holistic doctor or a holistic thinking doctor. If you Sherance doesn’t cover a good holistic doctor will you can’t afford it Dr. Berg should be your general practitioner. Well I’ve seen a lot of holistic doctors and I still find him to be better so I’m not sure if that’s true either but using both would be good.

  2. Could you make a video about keto tropical fruits and turnarounds posible to add them to the diet: papaya, pineapple, passion fruit, corosol (graviola), banana, cupuaçu, jackfruit, pitanga, acerola, chirimoya, jaboticaba, cocoa fruit, bacupari, mangostão, mangaba, rambutan, green coconut meat, araçá (wild guava), etc. And if it's possible to have a meal only with fruit to let include this kind of fruits. Thank you very much 🙏

  3. I hope people don’t mind me asking this question I’m new to all this detailed nutrition, I recently started eating 2 raw garlic cloves, lemon juice, 2.5 cups of raw carrots and 200grams of blueberries. I am not on a keto diet but I’m trying to help my dna health/repair what other foods/vitamins for eg folate? Should I add these to my diet?

    Also I am not doing keto but would it still be beneficial if I did one 24 hour fast a week? Any feedback would be great and really appreciated

  4. I started taking 10000iu Vit D3 everyday and my spine pain went away. My cholesterol and triglycerides although went through the roof and now I'm on a statin and some homeopathic ways to lower my cholesterol. I don't recommend what Dr Berg says about Vit D3 do not take this everyday! Your cholesterol will make an extreme hike! I'm very upset about this. I took his advice and now I'm having chest pains.

  5. I’m a 25 year old guy who’s been eating dreadful for years 4 takeaways a week and loads of carbs constantly. I’m now starting upon my Keto/Higher protein Keto diet on OMAD.

    Drinking ACV, Matcha, Lemon Juice, Taking Vitamins and lifting weights a few times a week on my days off.

    Feeling really good so far after 2 weeks, 9lbs down, skin is looking better, appetite is a lot less, feel peaceful. Could all be placebo or in my head but I’m feeling good!

    Wish me luck for the rest of my journey! Let’s get healthy guys😌

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