THE BIG LIE: The ‘Powers That Be’ Overcount COVID Deaths and Undercount Vaccine Deaths

In 2020, the ‘powers that be’ argued that the government was accurate in its reporting of COVID deaths.  Then when we reported that only 6% of all COVID deaths had no co-morbidities and COVID was the only cause the ‘powers that be’ freaked out.

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The ‘powers that be’ found one individual to share that all the COVID listed deaths at the CDC were ’caused’ by COVID.  Case closed they thought.

Last Weekend We Posted a Viral Report on COVID-19 Numbers that Was Tweeted by the President – Now Democrats, Their Media and Fact Checkers Are Smearing Us – Here’s Our Response

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Hospitals were encouraged to list deaths as COVID deaths because there was an incentive to do so.

HUGE! MN Senator and Doctor: Hospitals Get Paid More to List Patients as COVID-19 and Three Times as Much if the Patient Goes on Ventilator (VIDEO)

Now the opposite is occurring with vaccine-related deaths.  Dr. Simone Gold reported on this in September.

“The CDC is Now Listing Vaccinated COVID-19 Deaths as Unvaccinated Deaths if They Die Within 14 Days of the Vaccine” – Dr. Simone Gold

It was even uncovered that the CDC changed the definition of ‘vaccine’ to help cover for the vaccine deaths.  (There are billions in revenues related to the vaccines.)

Emails Reveal CDC Changed Definition of “Vaccine” and “Vaccination” Because Their Experimental COVID Shots Didn’t Work as Advertised

When the powers that be wanted to scare America into COVID submission, they counted every related death as a COVID death whether COVID was the cause or not.  Now with the vaccine, the powers that be want Americans to feel safe taking the vaccine, so they don’t count a death related to the vaccine unless someone dies two weeks or more after taking the vaccine.

It’s clear, the ‘powers that be’ are manipulating data to overcount COVID deaths and undercount Vaccine deaths.

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