Did The 2021 Prophecies Come to Pass? Testing Prophetic Words From 2021

Did The 2021 Prophecies Come to Pass? Testing Prophetic Words Form 2021 It’s that time of year again. As the year draws to a close we are reviewing some of …


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  1. Are there any current prophets with us today who have been tested with fully accurate prophecies? (not scoffing and I fully believe there are still some around. Curious if they have channels or videos of prophetic words)

  2. Excuse me please…. YOU PROCLAIM TO BE SINCERE IN YOUR ANALYSIS-AS an ordinary Christian I say, at 15;40-43 you snort /sneer and thus discredit your intent.
    Have you been in intercession and fasting before this?
    Theres an assumption whereby youngsters seize the opportunity to use the internet to make judgements in Christiandom….without concern apparently of the discrediting of the Word of GOD. You cannot rely on your hermeneutics /college degrees to discern.

  3. Thank you. For a very very long time I have been seeing youtubes with random people saying the Lord told them this that and the other thing and none of it happens every single month. I think its smart to test it. I can see how people can start to despise it. I have had prophetic words that have come to pass in my life where I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it could only be God. That specific. I think all prophetic people will get words wrong sometimes and thats why learning the gift in small home groups is a good place to allow for that process.

  4. I have been a charismatic since 1975 when I was age 18. I have a Bachelors and Masters in history with a focus on church history. I also have a law degree. I very much appreciate your Channel. There is an old saying, "Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat its mistakes." In the second century, the 100's, the Montanists we're a prophetic movement that began somewhat good, but ended up heretical. Tertullian, a church father, was a member. But the Montanists started equating their prophetic words with scripture. Then they set an exact date for the return of Christ. In the beginning, the overseeing Bishops we're not discouraging of the movement, they simply said it needed to be checked and the prophetic words judged as per 1st Corinthians 14. The Montanists did not submit and ultimately were labeled heretical. The charismas did not completely die out after that, but I believe they were greatly curtailed because of the failed prophecies. So I think you are doing an excellent work that will hopefully continue to encourage the prophetic without succumbing to error.

  5. I would love to see your series of videos testing prophecies. Thanks so much for the work you do.

    Throwing a thought out there: I don’t think prophecy is a gift, as much as it is a charge or a calling. Considering how much weight being a vessel of God’s words entails, I think calling it a “gift” and leaving it there cheapens the whole concept (and the same could be said for any of the other gifts of Christ/Ruach/God – but considering I have felt called to be a prophet, a messenger, calling to the Church, it’s a hard life).

    Another thought is, why does prophecy have to only be “fore-telling”? Why can’t it be “messages from the Lord,” which can include foretelling, but most of the prophets in the OT are calling to Israel chastising them and calling them to return to true life and righteousness within Christ (or God, I suppose, since Christ hadn’t incarnated yet)

  6. I don’t listen to you often, but this presentation is a good example. It would be much easier to listen to you if you spoke a little slower, and more importantly didn’t interrupt and speak over each other in your eagerness to get your thoughts expressed.

  7. Great video. Everything you all said is true about these apparent prophetic persons. I have been put off by prophecies due to all the false ones which have been proclaimed.

  8. What are the chances of ever finding one genuine God inspired prophecy that’s ever posted on YouTube? I’m not saying the gift doesn’t operate, but I’m more inclined to think it operates in community, on the ground, away from the spotlight of views and clicks. Which comes with its own set of pros and cons I guess ( less exposure =less accountability)

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