The DEA Backs a White House Plan to Research Marijuana, Psychedelics, and Schedule 1 Drugs Easier

The Drug Enforcement Administration and National Institute on Drug Abuse are backing a White House plan to make it easier to research marijuana, …


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  1. You probably read it off the paper and didn't type it, but Rastas prefer to be called Rastafari, for two reasons I know of at least: #1 Rastafar"I" as in I and I or the oneness of body and soul, and #2 Rastafar"ian" is Babylon, or against their beliefs, as a construct to hold them down. //raised by an atheist on a Caribbean island, the first religion I learned (at 14 years old) was the Rastafari way from two Rastas that were kind enough to teach a curious white boy who had a school assignment.

  2. Fentanyl laced weed might actually be a ploy from the industry to switch everyone to legal, but you can always buy a fentanyl test kit perhaps for the weed, to avoid that problem. If it is a ploy then its pro-monopoly, in which case some actors in the black market are trying to get suppressed because they are stealing too many sales. This might not be the case, but its a possibility. Maybe they are lacing it with fentanyl to cause return customers because of the legal market reducing their sales.

    Also Ohio is crazy, they could use some weed lol.

    Very direct informative video!

  3. It would be nice to get cannabis from a dispensary but those of us living in the southern block have no choice. Qualifying for medical in Alabama is nearly impossible. Even then you can't get flower, only edibles. A total joke. Not to mention if you are looking for a job. Most employers are still going to hit you with a drug test before you get hired for anything. Another total joke. When will this nightmare end?

  4. Government: marijuana bad you know smoke illegally…. Also government: hey that stuff that you've been using all along is going to kill you so use my product that I just happened to make legal you can trust me….. No one is putting more expensive drugs on to weed in an attempt to get people addicted to it that is an old myth they've been pushing for decades.

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