Stephen Miller Lays Out First Article of Impeachment Against Joe Biden and His Lawless Regime (VIDEO)

Former Trump Advisor Stephen Miller joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

Stephen Miller laid out what he said could be the first Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden. The Biden regime has ignored the court order to honor the Remain in Mexico rule and send illegal aliens back to Mexico before their trial date. The Biden regime has only sent 2 PEOPLE back to Mexico. They are openly defying a court ruling.

Stephen Miller says this violation of the court should be his first article of impeachment.

Actually, his first article of impeachment should be surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban, arming them with 80 billion in US weapons, and stranding up to 14,000 Americans in the country. THAT should be the first article of impeachment.

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So are there any Republicans with balls to follow through on this?
Don’t hold your breath with the pathetic weaklings.

Via Sunday Morning Futures and MidnightRider.

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