Jailhouse Records Reveal Anti-White Racism was Motive in Brutal Killing of 14-Year-Old Florida Boy

Florida – New jailhouse documents obtained by Fox News reveal 39-year-old Semmie Williams likely murdered 14-year-old Ryan Rogers because of anti-white racism.

Williams was arrested in Miami late last month after he fatally stabbed Rogers near an overpass on November 15.

The teen boy was stabbed “numerous times in the head and face,” according to the police report.

Palm Beach Gardens Police Chief initially said the murder was a “random act.”

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Newly released records show Williams used anti-white racial slurs after he was arrested and booked.

Williams also appeared to admit he murdered the boy because of what whites did to blacks in the past.

“While fingerprinting his left hand, I asked him if he understood the charges,” Officer Michael McCabe wrote in an incident report. “He stated, ‘Yea, murder, because of what they did to Black people about giving them syphilis.’”

Williams called one of the police officers “white devil” after he tried to break free from the officer.

Read the jailhouse records here:

Semmie Williams Incident Re… by Fox News

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