‘End of Democracy’ – Hillary Clinton Says Americans Won’t ‘Recognize Our Country’ if Trump Wins in 2024 (VIDEO)

Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said if Trump wins in 2024 Americans won’t “recognize our country.”

Clinton made the remarks during a sit-down interview with NBC’s “Today” host Willie Geist that aired in full on Sunday.

In a clip previously posted to TGP, Clinton predicted Trump running again in 2024.

“If I were a betting person right now I’d say Trump is going to run again. He seems to be setting himself up to do that and if he’s not held accountable then he gets to do it again,” Clinton said.

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In part 2 of the interview, Hillary Clinton said if Trump or a GOP candidate of “his ilk” wins in 2024, it will be the end of democracy.

“If [Trump] is not held accountable, he gets to do it again,” Clinton said of the prospect of Trump regaining the White House. “I think that could be the end of our democracy not to be too pointed about it, but I want people to understand that this is a make or break point.”

Clinton continued, “If he were, or someone of his ilk were once again to be elected president – and if especially he had a Congress that would do his bidding, you will not recognize our country.”

Of course Willie Geist went along with Hillary Clinton’s absurd assessment and encouraged her on to keep attacking Trump.

“I tried to warn people. I tried to make the case that this was really dangerous, the people he was allied with, what they were saying, what he might do,” Clinton said blaming Comey for her 2016 election loss. “I feel terrible about not stopping him and the people around him, but I feel like now everybody can see for themselves what kind of leader he is.”

Delusional, arrogant hag.


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