Recommended Reading: The real cost of the global chip shortage

Yoolim Lee and Yantoultra Ngui, Bloomberg

As COVID-19 rages throughout the world, global supply chains are stretched thin. By now you’ve heard the conditions created a global chip shortage that has affected many companies. What you probably haven’t heard are first-hand accounts of how the push to keep factories open turned tragic for many families. 

Taylor Lorenz, The New York Times

Birds aren’t real. They’ve been replaced by drones, used by the US government to spy on us. Meet the latest conspiracy theory that’s gaining popularity on Instagram, TIkTok and YouTube. 

Jon Keegan and Alfred Ng, The Markup

Life360 is a popular option for parents to keep an eye on their children via phone location, but the app is selling that data, on both adults and kids, to several companies that peddle such sensitive info to any and all buyers.  

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