T-Pain Tried To Gift Diddy A Ciroc Chain, Reveals The Keys To A Successful Marriage + More

T-Pain describes the struggles of being honest in the industry, laughs about past issues with Usher & Hitmaka, shares how he tried gifting Diddy a chain, the …


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  1. Pain is the OG Wale. First of the sensitive generation and never got his flowers. The man is a legend. I'm gonna make sure my grandkids know his music.

  2. I’m a big fan of tpains music and his personality clicks with mine . I think it’ll be dope kicking it with him cause we are both sarcastic af and we laugh so much 😂

  3. TPain is a down to Earth dude. I love Nappyboy Radio podcast, he’s a great interviewer and is funny as shit. Also, his Twitch streams are lit af. I’ve been a fan since Rappa Ternt Sanga. So glad that he’s getting the roses he truly deserves

  4. Idk how t pain just getting his flowers when all this shit Goin on he started it wouldn't b no future young thug etc certain artist he also influenced like Kanye and Wayne they added wat pain did to their music

  5. It seems like artist sleep on T-Pain a lot but fans and people who may not be a fan but give credit where credit is due see how great he is. T-Pain gives hits and his talent speaks for itself. Musically he is one of the best.

  6. Jay Z got him blackballed because he was taking over. T Pain always been a genuine kind hearted person that always made good music. Big respect from Florida!

  7. I’m glad T-Pain is getting the flowers he deserves. His personality is so dope. And it’s great he doesn’t subscribe to the industry politics. There’s a difference between cordial and fake.

    Angie you deserve your flowers 👑💐 too! The Queen of Radio. Legendary! 💯 It’s just something about your style that can’t be duplicated

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