The DOJ in Steve Bannon’s Court Case Wants to Withhold Evidence and Move at Light Speed

Information on Steve Bannon’s arguments in his contempt of Congress case was released today.  

American Greatness contributor Julie Kelly posted a number of tweets describing Bannon’s strategy in his case.

Bannon’s team plans to request information from the US Attorney’s Office, the DOJ, the White House and the US House of Representatives.

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The DOJ is scared and trying to prevent Bannon from releasing information to the media.  Bannon’s team reminds the judge that the media wants to see this information.

The judge seems to be siding with the corrupt and criminal DOJ.

Bannon is going after the corrupt and illegitimate J6 committee.

The GOP is lost and in the woods trying to find their way out.  They’re not helping at all.

The J6 cases are being delayed but Bannon must move at light speed?

What a corrupt group that have taken over our DOJ and the US government.  This all started with Obama.

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