Saule Omarova Withdraws Nomination for Comptroller of the Currency

Saule Omarova

A couple weeks ago it was reported five Senate Democrats told the White House they will not support Saule Omarova, the Communist chosen by Biden to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Without support from these five Democrats, Omarova’s nomination is DOA – Comrade down.

On Tuesday, Saule Omarova withdrew from consideration for the position of comptroller of the currency.

Joe Biden accepted her request to withdraw.

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Biden said the Communist “would have brought invaluable insight and perspective” but claims that she “was subjected to inappropriate personal attacks that were far beyond the pale.”

Saule Omarova was born and raised in the communist USSR.

She refused to hand over her university thesis on Marxism which she wrote when she was in school in the USSR.

In a newly uncovered video, Omarova admitted her goal is to bankrupt the coal, oil and gas industry in order to usher in a ‘green’ agenda.

Omarova wants the federal government to control your bank deposits and withdrawals and Fox News recently reported she’s a convicted thief.

Good riddance!

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