After being gone for over a month, this is all of the pr I received as an influencer! This is my biggest pr unboxing haul ever and hope you guys loved seeing what I …


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  1. I just find this amount of stuff to be so ridiculous. The packaging alone is such a waste and the fact that companies send “influencers” a bunch of free crap that they have to advertise to the rest of us is just …. Ugh.

  2. Girlllll, now I want to go try some of these things. Such a cute advent calendar! Happy holidays to you and yours! I come home from work and see what’s new on YouTube. I like calming videos like vlogs and hauls while I have a candle burning. 😂Your thrifting videos though, Christine, yes all about that. I’m going vintage shopping this Saturday to see what they have. @jennnnnla

  3. Love your styling videos and got so many great tips and suggestions from your NYC Diaries– Prince St. Pizza was to die for! Headed to Paris soon too so can't wait to see your vlog and looking forward to more deets on the engagement! Congrats! @kathyylin

  4. i love all your monthly trend videos!! honestly… any other video where we get to see more of your personality I LOVE 💕 thanks for being a real one

  5. So nice that you get to experience all that nice stuff but it really makes you stop and thing when you see how much packaging and resources are used for our packages 🥺😢 definitely guilty of too much online shopping myself but just makes you think when you see it all stacked up like that

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