You Won't Believe What Happened at the World Series of Poker! | 2021 WSOP $1,000 Poker Vlog

The 2021 World Series of Poker has begun! In this poker vlog I play the $1000 Buy-in Double Stack event at the Rio Hotel and casino in Las Vegas. With almost …


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  1. haven't seen the AQ play out yet but out of position I would fold and wait for a better spot. you only have 2bb invested at that point but you're about to be in the BB and SB

  2. AQ getting 3 bet off 20bb from a utg open is a tough spot however I think I'd call the 3 bet. There's at least some 3 bet hands in his range you have fine equity against all his Jacks Tens Nines perhaps and being a big pro it's possible he's little more creative , but of course AK, AA, KK, QQ are there too. For 3 more bb, I think I'd take a flop and reassess on the flop. Gonna be tough out of position post flop on a missed flop, but you could connect hard and ya can get more info. too if he's light or just got AK on a nothing flop maybe ya can steal it. This situation could be full of reverse implied odds where the Ace or queen are bad cards, but that's poker and you can likely feel it out live tells betting size motion etc. Maybe you made a good disciplined fold, I don't know, but think I take a peak at that flop maybe get myself in trouble or maybe get paid. Who knows? Good mystery hand ??? for us viewers to marinade on, nice run either way.

  3. How the Boski doesn’t have 500k subscribers is unbelievable, pesky YouTube algorithm needs to work its magic. Comedy is as good as the poker content. Love to see it 💚

  4. What a sick cooler to start a tourney I played w. That dude that was talking on that hand.. Asian Spanish mid age dude? Who was tanking ..His voice is recognizable just play first hand of every day lol..that’s not winning flops that’s winning dead right coolers left and right what states can u play acr on? 7$ folding aq vs calling Aj either way GG

  5. Definitely min raise with QQ there, it looks suspicious but lots of people don't always pay attention to how many chips you have behind, and the BB is priced into call. You would be surprised how much action you will get.

  6. If you believe in the utter absurdity of human existence, a lot depends on having some durable attitude toward random events. So these videos sort of capture the spirit of Albert Camus in the personal vlog poker player category. Maybe you win when you give up hope, because hope has no impact on outcomes.

  7. Love the Ryan DePaulo-esque Mario Jump Sound with the cat. There's a little burst of serotonin that releases every time I hear any mario-based sound effect. You're the GOAT in the tourney-heavy content. Mostly a cash game player and so I find the most value in watching some of the other vloggers for hand history; but I watch you for the vocal cadence – the killer one-liners – and now, the illusive Super Mario reference! Let's get em!

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