White House Takes Down Grandchildren’s Christmas Stockings After Jill and Joe Called Out for Snubbing Hunter’s Love Child

Last Monday, Jill Biden debuted the Biden administration and family Christmas decorations at the White House. Featured were six large stockings with the names of Biden grandchildren hung from the mantle over the fireplace in the State Dining Room. Joe and Jill Biden have seven grandchildren, however. Missing was a stocking for Hunter Biden’s 3-year-old love child Navy Joan Roberts whose mother had to sue Hunter to acknowledge his paternity. Joe and Jill Biden have cruelly snubbed Navy Joan, refusing to acknowledge her as part of the family even at Christmastime. Only conservative leaning media called out Jill and Joe Biden over the stockings snub.

Jill Biden included a photo of the stockings snubbing Navy Joan in a tweet announcing the theme of the Biden White House Christmas captioned, “Inspired by the acts of kindness and experiences that lifted our spirits this year, decorated rooms in the White House reflect the Gifts from the Heart that unite us all: faith, family, friendship, the arts, learning, nature, gratitude, service, community, peace, and unity.”

Jill Biden sat in front of the stockings on Monday to read to children for a media photo-op:

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The establishment media reported uncritically on the stockings snub. The AP tweet above and this CBS News report excerpt are good examples:

“Christmas stockings for each of the Biden grandchildren — Naomi, Finnegan, Maisy, Natalie, Hunter and baby Beau — hang from the fireplace mantel in the State Dining Room, which celebrates family, while two trees in that stately room are decorated with framed Biden family photos and photos of other first families during the holiday season.”

On Friday, Joe Biden spoke to the nation about the economy from in front of the fireplace in the State Dining Room. Noticeably missing were the Biden grandchildren Christmas stockings. Apparently, rather than hang up a stocking for Navy Joan, Jill Biden had all the other stockings taken down. The rest of the decorations were still in place.

The grandchild Navy Joan and her mother:

The White House web page on the Christmas decorations still features the photo at top of the stockings with the message with the cynical message “Gift of Family”:

State Dining Room – Gift of Family
The State Dining Room celebrates the cherished Gift of Family—those we are born into, those we choose, and those we create. The pandemic kept many of us apart, yet it also reminded us that our time together is so precious.

Just below the family stockings, an engraving in the fireplace mantel reads, “I Pray Heaven To Bestow The Best of Blessings Upon This House…” The words from this blessing were taken from a letter written by President John Adams to his wife, Abigail, dated November 2, 1800. These words are now known as the White House blessing. This year, the Christmas trees in the State Dining Room glisten with ornaments featuring photographs of First Families, past and present. Each family who made this house a home reminds us all of the enduring love and lasting bonds of family.

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported earlier this year on the Biden family snubbing their grandchild (excerpt):

The father of five says his second wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, helped him get sober and start anew.

The couple married in May 2019. Later that month, Lunden Alexis Roberts filed suit in Independence County, alleging that Biden was the father of her child, referred to in court documents initially as “Baby Doe.”

In the prologue, Biden says he began writing the book in November 2019. That’s the same month he provided the DNA samples that helped establish his paternity.

In March 2020, days before his wife gave birth, Biden — an attorney, artist and former lobbyist — settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed sum.

In an interview, Roberts’ attorney, Clint Lancaster, said Biden didn’t provide the support voluntarily.

“He has only taken financial responsibility when the court forced him to do it,” Lancaster said.

While Biden is up to date on his child support payments, he has had no interaction with his Arkansas-born daughter, now referred to in court documents as NJR.

“He’s not seen his child. He has no relationship with his child, by his own choosing,” Lancaster said. “Mr. Biden hasn’t taken responsibility for this child until he parents her.”

President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, have not seen the baby either, Lancaster said.

“Every child needs loving parents and loving grandparents. This child could stand a relationship with her father. She could stand a relationship with her grandfather,” he said.

What kind of message does it send to children born in difficult circumstances when the occupants of the White House set an example of shunning and excluding an innocent grandchild from the First Family because First Son Hunter couldn’t control himself?

Joe and Jill Biden claim to be devout Catholics. As they rightly but cynically observe, the Christmas story is about the Gift of Family. But more specifically it is about the gift of a child born in difficult circumstances; a blessing given to all Mankind. The Bidens would do well to hang one more stocking.

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