Legal Medicinal Cannabis Delivery & Unboxing the New MIGHTY+ by Storz & Bickel

Some legal cannabis flower strains and some high CBD and high THC oil dominant products. Delivered to my door in NSW, Australia. Enjoy the video. – Have an …


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  1. Frankly I wouldn't buy ''legal;'' cannabis if you put a gun to my head. I will not take morsels from the table of people who currently regard me as an enemy of the state.

  2. I've managed to find a local Doctor who goes through both Cannatrek and Althea. I'm very keen to try Althea 20:1 Champlain oil and the Cannatrek T25 Topaz and T18 Jasmine for my anxiety and insomnia

  3. Hey, thanks for your advice about the process. I've put in some details to help anyone who needs info. I found a clinic (Canwell) and had my appointment (10.15pm Sunday night lol), and within two days everything was approved!! I got my GP's office to email them a patient summery, and I got my chemist to email them a short history of my pain prescriptions. I ended up with a 24mth approval. I just spoke with the pharmacy and my order's in and should arrive Monday or Tuesday. The Doctor at the clinic prescribed the Elevated Extracts 20:1 Flowers, which has pretty good reviews from what I've found on a comparison website, and was one of the cheapest on the list. 30gms=$350.
    Many thanks for your video. It got me off my ass and into action. Hopefully I can cut back on the pain meds. Good luck to anyone else giving it a go.

  4. What clinic are you going to? I’m in QLD and I used canvalate and I hate them. They only give me oil and it’s weak as shit. Really looking to get flower as that’s what I know how to use and is most effective for e

  5. My GP wrote me out a prescription for one of the oils about a year and a half ago, and it was all approved. It was ok, but he said he'd never do it again for anyone because the process was so laborious 🙁

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